Erdemium Mod

Published by erdemkral on Sun, 07/31/2022 - 15:12
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A mod that adds Erdemium items into the game.


Items and blocks:

Erdemium Ore: Generates in Erdemium Dimension, from y=-64 to 32. Drops Erdemium ingots. You should use at least iron pickaxe to break it.


Erdemium Ingot: Can be used to craft Erdemium items and blocks.


Erdemium Block: Crafted with Erdemium Ingots. Can be converted into Erdemium Ingots again. You should use at least iron pickaxe to break it.


Erdemium Buffer: A machine that can enchant your items. Crafted with Erdemium Ingots and a Redstone Dust.


Erdemium Brick: Currently unused.


Erdemium Grass/Stone/Dirt: Base blocks in Erdemium Dimension.


Knight Soul: Crafted from Knight Soul Shards. Used to build Erdemium Dimension Portal.


Knight Soul Shard: Dropped from Knights. Used to craft Knight Soul.


Erdemium Dimension Portal Igniter: Crafted with a Redstone Dust and an Emerald. Used to ignite Erdemium Dimension Portal.


Hunter Coin: Currency of Hunters. Crafted from gold nuggets and a gold ingot.


Erdemium Ancient Remnants: Found in underground, can be smelted and converted into Erdemium Ancient Scraps.


Erdemium Ancient Scraps: Can be traded with Hunters.


Frozen Steve: Currently unused, can melt and spawn Steve. (hidden)



Knight: Spawns in Overworld or spawned by Erdem Boss. Drops Knight Soul Shards and gives you Erdemium Curse on death.


Erdem Boss: Spawns if you enter Erdemium Dimension with Erdemium Curse effect. Spawns Knights periodically, and if it can't hit you, it spawns a projectile and deals area damage that hurts every player in a radius. Drops Erdemium Block on death.


Hunter: A mob that you can trade with. Spawns in hunter campsites. Attacks Knights. Doesn't drop anything on death.


Zombie Hunter: Spawns rarely, can be converted to regular hunters. Use Weakness potion and an enchanted golden apple.


Armed Knight: Spawns from projectiles thrown from Erdem Boss. Stronger version of Knight.


Steve: Currently unused. (hidden)


Effects and enchantments:

Erdemium Curse: If you enter Erdemium Dimension with this effect, there's a chance to spawn Erdem Boss. Kill Knights to get this effect.


Anger Prevention: An enchantment that reduces Erdem Boss' area damage. Can be applied to armor.


Dimensions and biomes:

Erdemium World: Biome of Erdemium Dimension.


Erdemium Dimension: A dimension that can generate Erdemium Ores.



Hunter campsite: Can spawn Hunters.


Note: This mod is still in development, so if you have ideas about this mod, you can leave a comment! I'll try to add them, but I can't guarantee I will add every single idea.

If you experience bugs, report them in the comments. I'll try to fix them.

Modification files
Erdemium Mod 1.1.0.jar - First update!Uploaded on: 07/31/2022 - 15:42   File size: 261.52 KB
Erdemium Mod 1.1.1_1.jar - Added hunters and hunter coins.Uploaded on: 08/01/2022 - 14:48   File size: 730.99 KB
Erdemium Mod 1.2_0.jar - Some improvements, learn more at Changelog.Uploaded on: 08/07/2022 - 11:58   File size: 1.05 MB
Erdemium Mod 1.2.1.jar - Sound improvements.Uploaded on: 08/07/2022 - 16:06   File size: 1.51 MB


  • First update

  • Added hunters and hunter coins.

  • More trades added to Hunters.
  • Cleric villagers can no longer sell Knight Soul Shards.
  • Changed the texture of Hunter Coins.
  • Changed the model of Erdemium Buffer.
  • New structure: Hunter camp sites -  Hunters can spawn here.
  • Hunters can no longer spawn naturally.
  • New command: /placestructure (use /placestructure hunter_camp_site to place a hunter camp site)
  • New entity: Hunter Spawner - Spawn hunters when they fall. Used to spawn hunters in hunter campsites. (hidden)
  • New entity: Zombie Hunter - Spawns rarely, can be converted to regular hunters (like zombie villagers)
  • New entity: Armed Knight - Spawns from projectiles thrown from Erdem Boss. Stronger version of Knight.
  • New entity: Steve - Currently they don't do anything.
  • New blocks: Erdemium Ancient Remnants - Found in underground, can be smelted and converted into Erdemium Ancient Scraps.
  • New block: Frozen Steve - Currently unused, can melt and spawn Steve. (hidden)
  • New block: Command Setter Block - Currently unused.
  • New items: Erdemium Ancient Scraps - Can be traded with Hunters.
  • New item: Command Setter - If you set a command in Command Setter, you can execute the saved command with right-click. (hidden)
  • New tool: Erdemium Hoe - Functions as a normal hoe.
  • New particle: Erdemium Particle (currently unused)
  • Some bug fixes and improvements.

  • Knights, Armed Knights and Erdem Boss now use unique subtitles instead of copying villagers and withers.
  • Added shooting sound for Erdem Boss.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Armed Knights to spawn naturally.

Looks Like a really Good Mod. I havent tested it yet but it sounds like you put alot afford into it

At first I thought it was your typical "More Ore" mod, but then I saw the Erdemium Buffer and the Dimension and then I said "Yep, this is a mod with more effort put in".

Good mod btw!