Fancy Blocks

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In development
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This is my first mod made with Mcreator and may have few bugs in some blocks !  This mod contains metal ,wooden ,bricks and fiew animated blocks and fiew fireplaces with nice fancy animations.  Fiew blocks have basic GUI with simple funcions. I am new with moding and sorry for any bugs if have it !!!   

Modification files
FancyBlocks.jar - Fancy wooden,metal and bricks with nice textures with some animated blocks and fireplaces!Uploaded on: 11/07/2017 - 23:46   File size: 5.45 MB

cool mod for the 1.7.10 and I have a middle class Laptop and I have not bugs or so that find it was all blocks load and the game play normal. Fix it then you say it give bugs and I hope you make more updates with new blocks and blocks with animation.