DragonCraft The Second Edition Beta

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Everyone this is the second installment in the DragonCraft Series. There is now a tutorial world that comes with the mod.

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This mod is no longer supported and is a failed installment in the DragonCraft series of mods. DragonCraft 2 Reborn is the latest installment that is getting updated. DragonCraft 2 Reborn is technically the third mod in the series but it is the true successor to the original mod DragonCraft. Please go download DragonCraft 2 Reborn for 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 to continue to support me.





Modification files
DCTSEBR205.zip - Latest with a map1.17 MB
DCTSEBR2052.jar - Latest75.54 KB
DCTSEBR1122200_0.jar - Old51.56 KB


Added: New Dragontite, Emerald Tools, Titanium Pickaxe.

Removed: Titanium Boxes. 

Changed: Dragontite is now called Draganium.