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Hey there! I'm CHRI55Y, the creator of this mod!

With the addition of several new mechanics in 1.9, I came up with the basic idea for this mod, which contains:

•4 New Ores

•3 New (Working) Machines

•4 New Decorative Blocks

•15 New Items

•A set of Armor with a special ability ;)

Each part of the mod is carefully sorted into different tabs in the Creative-Mode inventory, for easy grabbing.

All right - now for explaining what is actually in the mod. (Please just use CraftGuide or something for the recipes, I can't upload pictures, the website's not letting me

•Items (Basic):
◦Bismuth Crystal: Can be mined and collected directly from Bismuth Ore.​

◦Zirconium Shards: Can be mined and collected directly from Zirconium Ore.

◦Niobium Chunk: Has to be smelted from Niobium Ore.

◦Potash: Can be mined and collected directly from Potash Ore.

•Blocks (Basic):
◦Bismuth Ore: Found underground. It's an ore, what did you expect?​

◦Zirconium Ore: As above.

◦Niobium Ore: As above as above.

◦Potash Ore: Not an ore. Just kidding. As above.

◦Bismuth Crystal Block: Crafted from 9 Bismuth Crystals, slightly transparent. (Custom Model, for some reason I keep mistaking it for a zombie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

•Machines (Now we're getting into the good stuff):
◦Heat Monitor: Item, used to heat things to high temperatures without breaking or melting.

◦Melter: Block, melts items into other items (for the low price of $0!).

◦Oxygen Extractor: Item, used to extract the oxygen from water.

◦Oxidiser: Block, adds oxygen to useable items to create a molecule (also free).

•Items 2 (The Sequel):
◦Bismuth Ingot: Created by right-clicking Bismuth Crystal on the Melter.​

◦Zirconium Ingot: Created by right-clicking Zirconium Shards on the Melter.

◦Zircon: Created by right-clicking Zirconium Ingot on the Oxidiser.

◦Zirconia: Created by right-clicking Zircon on the Oxidiser.

◦Potassium: Created by right-clicking Potash on the Oxidiser, also creates carbon (Coal).

◦Bismuth Armor: Created with Bismuth Crystals and Bismuth Ingots, special ability (find it out for yourself. ;) )

◦ZN Magnet: Controls the Bismuth Armor. Created with Zirconium Ingots and Niobium Chunks.

•Blocks 2 (Even better now!):
◦Zirconia Glass: Created with 4 Glass and 5 Zirconia, the same way as creating TNT with Sand and Gunpowder.

◦Potassium Bomb: Created with Redstone Dust, an Iron Trapdoor, Zirconia Glass, a bucket of Water and Potassium. Explodes larger than TNT, activated by Redstone Signal ONLY.

◦Zircon Block: Purely decorational, crafted from 9 Zircon.

•Machines 2 (Prepare yourself):
◦Captured Radioisotope: Item, highly radioactive, can force something to become radioactive.

◦Radiiser: Block, forces radioactivity.

◦X-Ray Machine: Item, does nothing (so far, use planned for future update).

•Items 3 (This is the last one, I promise):
◦Radiised Iron Ingot: Created by right-clicking an Iron Ingot on the Radiiser.

So, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Now go get the mod if you're interested.
I will take requests for future updates.

Signing off,

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