Published by ayhem123 on Thu, 09/28/2017 - 10:22
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WARNING : this mod is still in beta (its first versions) there might be some bugs if found one feel free to tell me so i can fix it

This mod is my first mod YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

this mod add few things :

LuckyBag: just like loot bags lucky bags have  a 10% chance of droping from any entity (mobs,animals,etc...)

the lucky bag have chance of droping;

a chance of droping nothing (yea you might get unlucky..)

a high chance of droping (seeds,bricks)

a normal chance of droping (wheat,coal)

 a very rare chance of droping (ironingot,gloden apple)

i will try to add more stuff every update suggest me what should i add

Thief : this is a mob that spawns anywere in the world (exept nether and end)

and it has a 100% of droping wooden sword and 50% of droping 2 wood swords (IDK why wood sword :d)'

and it has a very rare chance of droping iron ingot

(this mob is very buggy so it has a high chance of not attacking you..)

DevaLog : its a cool decoration block and used in recipes

to craft it you need 8 logs of any kind place them in a square the crafting table and you will get 1

DevaEssence : this is used in other recipes

to craft it put 1 DevaLog in the middle of a crafting table and sround it with seeds to make plus (dont put seeds in the corners)

Divine Sonic : this is a really good item

it gives you (Speed,JumpBoost,Abosrbstion(IDK if i said it right),Damage Resistance And Strength) as long as you hold right click on the item

to make it you will need  to put a golden apple in the middle of a crafting table sround it with DevaEssence and put Diamond in the corners

Please suggest me ideas and report bugs if you found 


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Read the discreption if you have some troubles with the mod :)

why don't you give the thieves like a 50% or maybe a 10% chance of dropping a loot bag and make tiered loot bags where the highest has a like 10% chance of giving a diamond and have higher level thieves with swords that represent their rank like diamond thieves have more health and a diamond sword but have a chance to drop high level loot bag?

I'm not sure how easy this would be to implement into the mod (i haven't tried )its just a little idea i came up with