Published by ayhem123 on Thu, 09/28/2017 - 10:22
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WARNING : this mod is still in beta (its first versions) there might be some bugs if found one feel free to tell me so i can fix it

This mod is my first mod YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

this mod add few things :

LuckyBag: just like loot bags lucky bags have  a 10% chance of droping from any entity (mobs,animals,etc...)

the lucky bag have chance of droping;

a chance of droping nothing (yea you might get unlucky..)

a high chance of droping (seeds,bricks)

a normal chance of droping (wheat,coal)

 a very rare chance of droping (ironingot,gloden apple)

i will try to add more stuff every update suggest me what should i add

Thief : this is a mob that spawns anywere in the world (exept nether and end)

and it has a 100% of droping wooden sword and 50% of droping 2 wood swords (IDK why wood sword :d)'

and it has a very rare chance of droping iron ingot

(this mob is very buggy so it has a high chance of not attacking you..)

DevaLog : its a cool decoration block and used in recipes

to craft it you need 8 logs of any kind place them in a square the crafting table and you will get 1

DevaEssence : this is used in other recipes

to craft it put 1 DevaLog in the middle of a crafting table and sround it with seeds to make plus (dont put seeds in the corners)

Divine Sonic : this is a really good item

it gives you (Speed,JumpBoost,Abosrbstion(IDK if i said it right),Damage Resistance And Strength) as long as you hold right click on the item

to make it you will need  to put a golden apple in the middle of a crafting table sround it with DevaEssence and put Diamond in the corners

Please suggest me ideas and report bugs if you found 


Modification files

why don't you give the thieves like a 50% or maybe a 10% chance of dropping a loot bag and make tiered loot bags where the highest has a like 10% chance of giving a diamond and have higher level thieves with swords that represent their rank like diamond thieves have more health and a diamond sword but have a chance to drop high level loot bag?

I'm not sure how easy this would be to implement into the mod (i haven't tried )its just a little idea i came up with