Winter Activities

Published by drekac on Tue, 12/15/2015 - 17:18
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This mod took a lot of time. All the times everything broke because of glitches...

I used MCreator for most things, but fixed, edited and updated some codes to 1.8 manually.
Everything else; video, pictures, buildings, map, textures were made by me.



Modification files - Winter Activities 1.0.3 [FINISHED]3.17 MB

@#2 Hi! I created a Enderman model but when i click ´Biped´ I can´´ t find the Enderman Model, or the Skeleton and Iron Golem And the Snowman, Can you help me? Also, if it requires Techne, that wont work because Techne doesnt launch

@#4.1 Fixed it. I just edited each mod again and it fixed it. By the way, there appears to be a glitch in mcreator, when editing to many mods and making mcreator recompiling to many in line and it removes half of the mods's codes.

The textures were working for me. I think it depend on what version of Forge you had.