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Better Tools and Armor title

Download available on CurseForge!

Better Tools and Armor has existed on CurseForge for a while, but I have finally decided to upload it to the MCreator website! Unfortunately, the file size was too large to upload here, so please go to CurseForge using this link if you wish to download the mod.

Over most of 2021, I built up BT+A gradually on MCreator just for a private server with my friends, but with the release of version 7.0, I decided to share it on CurseForge for anyone to use. No other mods are required for this mod to work - Just make sure you're using Forge version 36.2.0 or higher on 1.16.5, or Forge version 40.1.0 or higher on 1.18.2.

Better Tools and Armor is a mod for 1.16.5 and 1.18.2 that adds many new ores to the game, which come with their own tools and armor sets. Each ore's tools and armor set has a unique gimmick that sets it apart from vanilla tools and armor, for example Sapphire tools can freeze your opponents! Crystallite tools and armor are one of the largest features in the mod, because they can be upgraded with 10 different crystals to have a useful effect!

However, tools and armor are not all this mod is about, because it contains many other features including new food, potions, enchantments, music discs and much more! If you are interested, here is the full feature list:

New Ores and Gems:

  • Raw Iron and Gold in 1.16!
  • Flint Block – Generates above y=64 and drops 2-4 flint (not affected by fortune)
  • Mixed Ore – Found below y=40 and drops one of 6 types of gems
  • Ruby – Found between y=-32 and y=32 and drops 1-2 rubies
  • Sapphire – Found above y=90 in large clumps
  • Topaz – Found between y=0 and y=60 in desert biomes
  • Nether Diamond – Found in Basalt Deltas, drops one nether diamond when mined
  • Crystallite – Found in rare crystal caves like Amethyst Geodes. Requires Netherite to mine
  • Ender Titanium – Found below y=30 on the End Islands. Requires Netherite to mine

 New Tools and Weapons:

  • Daggers – Attack faster than swords but do less damage. Very easy to craft with low durability
  • Clubs – Useful for mining blocks that normally cannot be mined faster with any tool type
  • Flint Tools – Between stone and iron in terms of stats, good early-game
  • Ruby Tools – Attack and mine very fast but no better than stone tools with stats, useful for mining out large areas early-game
  • Sapphire Tools – Swords have a 10% chance to freeze the target for 5s (Slowness X)
  • Topaz Tools – Swords have a 5% chance to summon lightning on the target
  • Nether Diamond Tools – Diamond-level stats. Swords have a 10% chance to set the target on fire
  • Ender Titanium Tools – Better than Netherite and base Crystallite, sword does 10 damage (+2 in The End). All tools have end-related effects.
  • Elemental Staffs – Fire, ice or electric variants are available and they shoot magic blasts that either burn, freeze or shock the target.
  • Crystallite Tools – Base tools are between Netherite and Ender Titanium. They can be upgraded with crystals to have useful effects.

New Armor:

  • Sapphire Armor – Has a thorns-like effect that freezes the attacker, chance boosted with a full set.
  • Topaz Armor - Has a thorns-like effect that summons lightning on the attacker, chance boosted with a full set.
  • Nether Diamond Armor – Diamond-level stats. Has a thorns-like effect that sets the attacker on fire, chance boosted with a full set.
  • Crystallite Armor - Base armor is between Netherite and Ender Titanium. They can be upgraded with crystals to give useful effects when worn.
  • Ender Titanium Armor – Better than Netherite, full set gives 25 armor points
  • Effect Armor – Various armor pieces that give effects constantly when worn, at the cost of durability. Some can be upgraded to be stronger and give higher level effects.

New Food/Potions:

  • Sugar Clump – Edible sugar that is quick to eat and gives a stackable speed effect
  • Golden Potato – Quicker to eat than golden carrots but less filling
  • Sweet Berry Pie – Like pumpkin pie but made with sweet berries
  • Diamond Apple – Even better than an enchanted golden apple!
  • Four-Leaf Clover – Found rarely in Flatland biomes and found in treehouses, used for Luck potions
  • Experience Potion – Brew a bottle o’ enchanting and an awkward potion to get a potion that gives you 1 XP level when used
  • Luck Potion – Brewed with a four-leaf clover and an awkward potion
  • Potion of Karma – Brewed with a purple mushroom and an awkward potion and acts like thorns, doing (level * 2) damage to any attacker.
  • Glow Berries – Found in caves and give Night Vision when eaten
  • Potion of Double Jump – Brewed with a Sky Crystal and an awkward potion and gives you an extra jump in mid-air.

New Enchantments:

  • Experienced – Mobs drop more XP on death
  • Curse of Karma - Goes on swords and deals 1 damage to the user when they hit a mob
  • Thunder Shot – Gives your bow or crossbow a chance to summon lightning on a target (more likely in a thunderstorm)
  • Freeze Shot – Gives your bow or crossbow a chance to freeze a target (more likely in a cold biome)
  • Life Aura – Goes on a Chestplate and increases attack damage when above 90% HP
  • Desperation – Goes on a Chestplate and increases attack damage when below 25% HP
  • (Life Aura and Desperation are mutually exclusive)
  • Smelting Touch – A treasure enchantment that allows your pickaxe to smelt ore drops.

Other Additions:

  • Fungal Caves Biome (1.18 only) - The only place where purple mushrooms generate naturally.
  • Treehouses – Found in forests, even in the nether and contain early-game loot (or even an exclusive music disc)
  • Blue Mushrooms – Generate only in mushroom biomes. Smelt them to get Blue Slimeballs
  • Blue Slime Block – Makes you jump higher when you stand on it
  • Blue Slime Stick – Sends your enemies flying!
  • Purple Mushrooms – Generate underground in mushroom biomes, or in fungal caves (1.18), and poison you if touched
  • Red Ice – Allows you to run REALLY fast!
  • Sugar Block – Crafting ingredient for sugar boots effect armor
  • Blackstone Magma Block – Crafting ingredient for fiery recipes and deals double damage compared to regular magma. Found in Basalt Deltas in the Nether
  • Various Music Discs with crafting recipes
  • Better recipes for some vanilla items – Bookshelves, Item Frames, Paintings, Rabbit Hide, Quartz, Soul Torch
  • Creative mode inventory tabs
  • Advancement tabs
Modification files
Better Tools And - This zip file contains a link to the CurseForge page for Better Tools and Armor, where the latest version can be downloaded.Uploaded on: 09/29/2022 - 13:27   File size: 598 bytes

For earlier versions, see the files on CurseForge:

Better Tools and Armor v9.2 [The Polished Update]

1.18.2 Patch Notes

Major changes:

  • Added support for the Enchantment Descriptions mod
  • Smelting Touch now works with Fortune, and it works on all ores
  • Magnetic Crystallite tools now work with Fortune and Smelting Touch
  • Crystallite clusters no longer generate on the ocean floor
  • Gave more unique effects to some upgraded Crystallite tools
  • Ender Titanium Boots float ability is now activated with the Left Shift key (can be changed in settings)
  • Replaced Charged Ice with Red Ice, which doesn’t require a redstone signal to work
  • Blackstone Magma now only generates in Basalt Deltas inside Blackstone
  • Elemental effects are now on axes as well as swords and daggers
  • Treehouses now have random loot tables
  • Made Fungal Caves rarer
  • Removed Flatland biome (let’s be honest, it sucked)
  • Reworked the progression advancements tree to be a lot less confusing


Other changes:

  • LOTS of bug fixes
  • Tweaked various recipes
  • Tweaked various Crystallite tools and armor stats
  • Tweaked various item descriptions
  • Fixed some problems with coloured text
  • Fire effects are now boosted in the nether (higher chance, more time)
  • Freeze effects are now boosted in cold biomes (higher chance, more time)
  • Lightning effects are now boosted in thunderstorms (higher chance)
  • Staffs now have 400 durability
  • Glass armor is now actually invisible
  • Ice and Electric Staffs no longer crash the game
  • Using Silk Touch to destroy a modded ore no longer gives XP
  • Freeze Shot and Thunder Shot now have higher chances of activating (20% per level)
  • Blue Mushrooms no longer emit light
  • Mixed Ore now drops Raw Gold instead of Gold Ingots
  • Crystallite clusters below y=0 now have deepslate instead of stone
  • Nerfed crystallite armor durability
  • Added glass pane reverse recipes
  • Experienced now only works on mobs that drop XP to begin with
  • Added Double Jump II potion
  • Growing big blue/purple mushrooms with bone meal now works more often
  • Adjusted big purple mushroom spawns in fungal caves
  • Topaz ore now generates down to y=0
  • Added reverse recipe for Nether Diamond Block
  • Added more beacon base blocks and payment items
  • Added items and blocks in the mod to common forge tags like forge:ores