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Without MCreator, this mod wouldn't have existed!


Vote for the next update here: Next update vote coming soon!

Winner(s): Palm trees won the top spot, the cupcakes won the second spot!



Let me know about bugs in the comments!



Version 1.0.0:

+6 new ores, this includes Ruby, Amethyst, Copper, Silver, Glowstone, and XP

+Slingshot, requires Silver balls which are crafted with one silver ingot

+Gun, requires Copper bullets which are crafted with one copper ingot

+Blood Forests, the trees are completely made of blood wood and leaves, grass turns dark red, water turns blood red, and air turns very bright red in this biome

+2 fun new commands, /scream and /explode

+2 new trapdoors that are made of materials that existed before this mod, Gold and Stone

+1 new music disc, magnetic circuit AKA Calm4, a song made by Notch

+Targets, they are basically target blocks from the new nether update but are just used for better aiming and not for redstone. They are also the first block in the combat creative tab

+Potion of flaming, sets any entity on fire for a little bit


Version 2.0.0:

+Palm trees, you can use their wood as a brand new decoration, they even come with a decorative new trapdoor

+Cupcakes, if you ever wanted a new dessert, there it is

*New ore blocks have new textures

*Fixed some bugs


Version 3.0.0:

+Lava soul sand, makes you burn when you walk on it

+Nether gold ore from the 1.16 nether update

+Cobblesand and red cobblesand, like cobblestone but made with sandstone

+Veins, they generate in blood forests but don't have much of a use yet

+Blood wells that generate in blood forests

+Zombie and skeleton horses now spawn in blood forests

*You can now smelt Amethyst, Ruby, Copper, and Silver ores in blast furnaces

*Magnetic circuit music disc now plays music

*Fixed more bugs

*Fixed bad bugs

Modification files
BetterMinecraft1.14.4-v1.0.0.jar - Version MB
BetterCraft1.14.4-v2.0.0.jar - Version MB
BetterCraft1.14.4-v3.0.0.jar - Version MB

Changelog is in the description now.