The Wine Mod

Published by madmax1021 on Sun, 08/12/2018 - 20:20
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A fun mod that adds wine, champagne, cheese, and cured meat to your Minecraft world. Included in the mod are four varieties of grapes, three types of wine, a new ore, three cheeses, and one type of cured meat. I have always loved the idea of being able to create a variety of wines in Minecraft, but have yet to find a mod that provides not only multiple types of wine but a real-life accurate process of creating them. So instead of waiting for someone else to make this happen, I downloaded MCreator and tried myself. I hope you enjoy the product!

Modification files
thewinemod(v14).jar - The latest version of the Wine Mod232.46 KB

I do not understand how to grow the grapes or get the yeast in survival. They are just listed as decoration blocks. Anyone else know?

Hello @antfusa, yeast colonies occur naturally in the wild, they look like small tan grass. Grape vines also occur naturally in your Minecraft world. You will need to craft a grape peeler and juicer to make wine, so I recommend downloading a mod like TMI, NEI, or JEI to see crafting recipes. Hope this helps

Hey, I love this mod and I wanted to ask a few things!
1. In survival, how do you grow grapes? I know they occur naturally in the wild, but grapes cannot be planted and when you break vines with your hand, shears, or a grape peeler, still only grapes drop.
2. How does the grape peeler and juicer work?
3. How do you craft any of this? you recommended downloading another mod to see the recipes, but could you add them here somewhere for the general public? I think a simple photo tutorial on how to grow grapes and actually make wine would be super beneficial
4. Putting items in barrels causes crashes.
Thank you!