Eternium Ore mod!

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This mod contains some very special ores that can be used to make incredibly overpowered pickaxes

includes these additions:

Eternium Ore, Ceradium Ore, Eternium Crystal, Ceradium Ingot, Eternium Block, Eternium Pickaxe and Ceradium Pickaxe.


now, don't think this is just another diamond ore, because this ore only spawns four in every 32 chunks or just under 2.1 MILLION BLOCKS!

( 2097152 blocks ) or um... This! 349525.333333  number if it were a square cube. I don't even know what that means... but its there!

now... let me tell you the process.


So you need to harvest Ceradium ore x3 because that's the only pickaxe that can mine it. then you need nine Eternium crystals to make one block. now you 

need to make 2 more for a total of 27 ores. So you need to scour over just under 14680064 blocks of land! then smelt all of the blocks and put it on two

glorious sticks in the crafting bench and you have yourself a pickaxe so divine not even GOD could touch it.


Project status
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
Eternium Minecraft mod (DO NOT DELETE).jar - [ALPHA] Ver. 0.01 52.28 KB

added two new ores (Eternium, ceradium)