Unstoppable Universe

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Unstoppable Universe is a mod all about making a balance between fantasy and science.

Uses the ore dictionary. Many items can be used in other mods like Galacticraft.

Currently has 363 mod elements


-All ores come with their own ingot, dust, block, stair, and wall.









-More to come


Crafting Blocks:

-Ingot Crusher

     put and ingot in it and you will get dust

-Alloy Smelter

     place in certain dusts like steel and bronze in the top and coal in the bottom to get its ingot




-Stone Spikes

-Willful Forest





There are many new types of stones that have been added. Each of a stair and wall. Some have a polished form or bricks

A fake stone is made up, and a real stone is a stone that actually exists.

-Floral - Fake

-Rhyolite - Real

-Basalt - Real

-Gabbro - Real

-Slate - Real

-Schist - Real

-Marble - Real

-Serpentinite - Real



This mod has some new trees spawning in. These have their own wood, plank, stair, fence, and leaf






Tools and Armor:

-5 Sets of armor, aluminum, titanium, steel, copper, and silver

-Aluminum Sheers

-5 Tool sets: Aluminum, titanium, steel, copper, and silver


1 New terricata



Jungle Spider - Spawns in the jungle

Titan Spider - Lots of health

Strong Zombie - Name says it all

Death Creeper - Will kill you on collision


Other Craftables:

-Titan Steel - Made in alloy smelter

-Steel - Made in alloy smelter

-Bronze - Made in alloy smelter

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Wow Coller Mod. Can you develop the mod also for version 1.7.10 for a certain fee?
Maybe you are the one who can help me. They would really make a 20-year-old happy if they could