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Published by Spoocer on Sun, 03/07/2021 - 13:03
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Here is a story of how NotJustSandwich mod was born.

I Wanted to create my own Minecraft mod, but had no idea for it.
And someday I saw how my friend stacked steak above bread in his inventory and called it a Sandwich.
That was funny i thought, but I realised that its worth to be a minecraft mod.
My friend kept eating bread and steak separately, as i downloaded MCreator for my first time and started to create mod.

Creation progress was slow and took me 2 days, as i was learning how MCreator works.
Then first stable version of mod was exported in .jar file and called it... Just Sandwich. Simple and informative enough.
Downloaded mod on CurseForge and here we go. 

I showed mod to my friend and he was shocked. Not about mod, but a fact that I created it myself.
I thought that this is it. Simple mod but i wanted more.
I wanted to develop it further and released 5 updates, but then mod develop was paused cuz of some private reasons.

2 years later I checked my mod page and saw 7-8k downloads. This numbers inspired me to develop mod further 'till this day.
I checked MCreator updates and saw that snapshots for 1.16 will release and started to check even more for snapshots.
2020.6 snapshot was released and I downloaded it immediately.

03.07.2021 was released a website update and I thought about downloading NotJustSandwich on this website, so here we are.

That's the hole 3-year story of NotJustSandwich mod. Hoping for you're feedback.

Modification files
NotJustSandwich_1.12.2_1.4.17.jar - Sandwich making for the World of Color Update (1.12.2).Uploaded on: 03/07/2021 - 13:05   File size: 128.38 KB
NotJustSandwich_1.15.2_1.5.13.jar - More cooking choices for sandwich making in Buzzy Bees Update (1.15.2)Uploaded on: 03/07/2021 - 13:09   File size: 159.75 KB
NJS_1.16.5_1.6.7.jar - A whole lot of things to cook with the Nether Update (1.16.5)Uploaded on: 05/14/2021 - 21:11   File size: 536.49 KB

Recap of all NotJustSandwich mod versions so far

Just Sandwich v.1.1.2

  • First version of mod implements ability to cut bread for meat sandwiches. (Beef, Pork, Chicken, Mutton, Rabbit and Fish)

Just Sandwich v.1.2.1

  • Adds new cooking ingredient - Cheese, Cheese slices and Cheese Sandwich.
  • Changed saturation of foods for balance and to fit more with vanilla versions.

Just Sandwich v.1.3.1

  • Added more ingredients - Raw Bacon, Cooked Bacon and Bacon Sandwich

  Just Sandwich v.1.4.8
Felt strange for being able to cut bread, cheese and raw pork for bacon with your bare hands.

  • Added craft of Knife for cutting stuff. Planned to make it faster, but weaker version of Sword, but couldn't.

  Just Sandwich v.1.4.9

  • Fixed bug spawning knife everytime when you craft something.

  Just Sandwich v.1.4.10

  • Fixed Chicken Sandwich recipe

 From here now on versions of mod separates for 1.4.x (1.12.2) and 1.5.x (1.15.2)

  Just Sandwich v.1.5.3

  • Added Nori paper and Sushi rolls. Nori is cooking ingredient for Sushi rolls, wich has no different from Dried kelp.
  • Sushi rolls is fast-eating food source, but restores not much saturation.

  Just Sandwich v.1.5.4

  • You can remove poison from Pufferfish and cook it for Pufferfish Sandwich. (wich is real, but you still can be poisoned, but not in this mod)

  Just Sandwich v.1.5.5

  • Added Cooked Tropical Fish and its Sandwich variant. Wished for it for years in vanilla Minecraft.

  Just Sandwich v.1.4.11

  • Added Pufferfish and Tropical fish cooking for 1.12.2

  Just Sandwich v.1.4.13
 More uses for Eggs! (finally)

  • Added Cooked Egg and Egg Sandwich.

  Just Sandwich v.1.5.8

  • Added Egg stuff from previous and something new.
  • Added Jars! Its like glass bottles, but bigger, so craft needs whole glass blocks. Needed for Sweet Berries Jam and for Jam Sandwich.
  • Also adds Honey Sandwich.

  Just Sandwich v.1.4.15

  • You can cut cake in slices and craft them back into cake. Why? For easy cake transporting, because slices are stackable, but regular cake is not.
  • Added cooking of Brown Mushroom and its Sandwich version.

  Just Sandwich v.1.5.10

  • Added cake slice. Cooked Brown Mushroom and Brown Mushroom Sandwich (same as v.1.4.15)

  Just Sandwich v.1.5.11

  • Added Jar of Jelly and Jelly Sandwich. In theory, Slime with sugar can be jelly. Right?

  NotJustSandwich v.1.4.16

  • Slight texture update and modname change!

 Some friends of mine asked me "Why "Just Sandwich"? There is more than that"
So here we are with "NotJustSandwich"

  NotJustSandwich v.1.5.12

  • Needed to update textures for items to fit JAPPA's texture update.

  NotJustSandwich v.1.4.17

  • Added Apple and Carrot pies.
  • You can cure Rotten Zombie flesh also. Oh! And cook it! Similar saturation as cooked beef.

  NotJustSandwich v.1.5.13

  • Added Apple, Carrot and Sweet Berries Pie with Raw and Cooked Flesh.

 This are every single version of my first modification for Minecraft that you can download already!
There is still 1 other version, but for Minecraft 1.16.4, made in MCreator snapshot 2020.6, wich is why its in beta state. Also new version is 1.6.x 

  NotJustSandwich v.1.6.1

  • 1.16.4 port
  • Added Cooked Flesh Sandwich
  • Added knife durability. Knife damages everytime when you craft with it in crafting table and attack mobs
  • Changed Knife damage half weaker and faster than swords

  NotJustSandwich v.1.6.2

 Made some changes to Knife tool.

  • Changed Knife name to Iron Knife
  • Added new Knifes: Wooden, Stone, Golden, Diamond, Netherite.
  • Added Knife Damage
    Wooden - 2, Stone - 2.5, Golden - 2, Iron - 3, Diamond - 3.5, Netherite - 4.
  • Added Knife Attack Speed - 3.2
  • Added Knife durability
    Wooden - 59, Stone - 131, Golden - 32, Iron - 250, Diamond - 1561. Netherite - 2031.

 Oh, and that useless "Black Paper" thingie...

  • Removed Nori Paper
  • Changed Fish Roll's Recipe to use Dried Kelp instead of Nori Paper

 From now on, future NJS updates will include Knifes loosing durability when crafting.

NotJustSandwich v.1.6.3

 Release of NJS for 1.16.5

 Retextured some items

  • Retextured Glass Jar, Jar of Jam, Jar of Jelly
  • Retextured Raw Bacon, Cooked Bacon, Bacon Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich
  • Retextured Cod Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Tropical Fish Sushi, Pufferfish Sushi
  • Retextured Cooked Tropical Fish, Tropical Fish Sandwich

 Added Chocolate Cake and Chocolate cake slice and some delicious drinks.

  • Added Chocolate milk, Eggnog, Apple juice, Melon juice

 NotJustSandwich v.1.6.4

Learned how to add mob drops

  • Added Raw Squid, Cooked Squid, Squid Sandwich and Squid Sushi

 Raw Squid drops from Squids with a chance of 70%

 Added Sweet Berries Cake, Sweet Berries Cake Slice, Sweet Berries Cookie, Sweet Berries Juice

 Retextured Cheese and Cheese Slice

 Renamed names of texture files properly

 NotJustSandwich v.1.6.5

 Added Salt Ore, Salt, Pinch of Salt

 There is 2 ways of obtaining Salt
1. Mine Salt Ores (spawns in ocean biomes)

2. Smelt Water Bucket to get Pinch Of Salt and combining 9 Pinches in Crafting Table

 As you can see, Salt Ore is more profitable to get Salt, BUT!

 You can automate process of getting Salt using Dispenser with Emtpy Buckets on water source and Hoppers.

 Added Dried Bacon, Dried Beef, Dried Chicken, Dried Cod, Dried Flesh, Dried Mutton, Dried Porkchop, Dried Pufferfish, Dried Rabbit, Dried Salmon, Dried Squid, Dried Tropical Fish.
 Dried Foods are restoring less Hunger than Cooked variants, but Dried variants are restoring more Saturation.

 Added Dough
 You can bake Bread by smelting Dough.

 NotJustSandwich v.1.6.6

Added NJS related advancements
Changed texture and name of "Cut Bread" to "Bread Slice"
Changed Sandwich recipes to include 2 bread pieces
Added Toast
Fixed Chocolate Cake and Sweet Berries Cake models

 NotJustSandwich v.1.6.7

Added "Chili Pepper" and "Chili Seeds".
If you break grass, there is a chance of dropping "Chili Seeds".
You can grow Chili Crop to obtain "Chili Pepper".

Added Spicy Sandwiches
Spicy Sandwich gives you Fire Resistance for 10 seconds if you eat it (not always edible).

Added 2 new advancements.

Changed textures of "Raw Pufferfish", "Cooked Pufferfish", "Pufferfish Sandwich", "Pufferfish Sushi" and "Dried Pufferfish".
Changed name of "Cooked Pufferfish" to "Pufferfish Steak".