SupG NL's Crazy Mod

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Hello boys and girls! this mod is awesome but CRAZY! This mod adds many things like;

  • 2 new armors named; SupGreen and Rubien armor.
  • 1 special tool/weapon for the SupGreen Gem(Element)
  • 2 full sets of tools/weapons one for the SupGreen Gem and the other for the Rubien Gem.
  • 2 new ore's; SupGreen Ore and Rubien Ore.
  • The mod adds also some blocks like; Maple Wood(From logs to sticks!), Hard Cobblestone(with brick ones), and some dirt and grass.
  • There are even new Items and Food! Like; Cooked or Uncooked Chicken Leg or a Tosti cold and warm + there is also Hotdog as food.!
  • The leaves from the Maple tree(these spawns in there own BIOME named; Maple Biome) gives you some helicopters(4 can make 1 Maple Log).
  • The mod adds also some new Achievements like; Make your first weapon(Make a sword of SupGreen Gem) or Eat IT(Eat a cooked Hotdog).
  • And the mod haves his own little Creative Tab!

This is just a random mod for Minecraft 1.9! It's also made for fun to.. You can and may use this mod for your own little or big Modpack that you are making.. That means that this mod is an open-source mod is.

(A little thing, the mod is made by someone who speaks Dutch and he has even an YouTube channel named SupGamer NL)

Thanks for reading this and I hope you guys would like this mod!



Modification files
SupG NL's Crazy Mod v2.5.1.jar.jar - The is the latest mod update!Uploaded on: 04/29/2017 - 11:30   File size: 474.58 KB
SupG Crazy Mod v2.4.2.jar - This is the second last mod update! (The other comes)Uploaded on: 06/30/2016 - 18:35   File size: 485.14 KB
SupG Crazy Mod v1.2.1.jar - This is just a small update for the first attemptUploaded on: 06/27/2016 - 18:44   File size: 302.11 KB
SupG Crazy Mod v1.2.0.jar.jar - The first attempt for my own little mod!Uploaded on: 06/27/2016 - 18:08   File size: 302.13 KB

This would've been a good mod, but the textures are weird, maybe try learning some texturing.