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Elementium is a mod that adds 4 ores; Gaea, Infernus, Oceanite, and Stratus. Infernus and Stratus creates tools and Oceanite creates armor, In the future Gaea will be used for dimensions in some way or another!

Gaea ore - drops Gaea ore, can be smelted for 1 gaea ingot, spawns between 20 - 75 (common)

Cloud - drops 2 Stratus crystals, when crystals right clicked on Stratus refiner it creates refined Stratus crystals, spawns between 200 - 254 (spawns in air)

Oceanite ore - drops Oceanite ore, can be smelted for 1 Oceanite ingot, spawns between 10 - 40 (only in water biomes)

Infernus - drops 2 Infernus chunks, when smelted creates Infernus, when Infernus right clicked on Infernus refiner it creates refined Infernus, spawns between 1-20 (is rare)


Infernus can create tools (all except a hoe because they are useless) with durabilty of 10,000 

Infernus tools are above damage and harvest level of diamond, they also light mobs on fire Damage has been nerfed from previous update to compensate for burning.


each Infernus tool can be reinforced by putting it in a crafting table and surrounding it with refined fireium to create tools with durabilty of 40,000

Oceanite armor - full armour gives 13 levels of armour, with helmet on you get water breathing, when wearing boots you get fire resistance.


Stratus can be used to create tools (all except hoe again) with durabilty of wood (59, except sword which is 26)

Stratus sword gives mobs levitation effect when struck, damage nerfed to compensate.have same harvest level as diamond.


by placing a refined Stratus block with either the Infernus sword OR refined Infernus sword (shapeless recipe) you get a 'tipped' sword sword which has same damage but gives mobs levitation effect instead of burning them.


iceberry bush - drops 4 iceberries, spawns only in normal forest biome

iceberries - restores 0.5 drumsticks of hunger 

Lettuce - get lettuce seeds from grass and use that to grow lettuce like a crop, crop drops lettuce leaves, lettuce leaves heal 1 drumstick of hunger

Iceberry salad - combine a bowl, 3 lettuce leaves, 3 iceberries to create the salad, heals 3.5 drumsticks of hunger

Hamburger - two bread and a cooked steak create a burger, heals 6 drumsticks


Use either JEI or NEI for recipes!!


This is my first mod so please don't hate, if you have any suggestions for anything please let me know! If there are any bugs please let me know as well and i will do my best to fix them :)


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ElementiumModV1.0.0(1.12.2).jar - Original release183.04 KB
ElementiumModV1.0.1(1.12.2).jar - Texture update182.04 KB
ElementiumModV1.1.0(1.12.2).jar - Airium tool update217.14 KB
ElementiumModV1.2.0(1.12.2)_0.jar - Texture refinements, Item/tool changes, food additions, etc. (Latest update)290.48 KB


Big update 1

-added 3 foods, lettuce leaf, Hamburger, and iceberry salad

-Textures look more 'Vanilla' including all tools / armour and refiners

-Ores have been renamed

-Infernus sword now lights mobs on fire, damage reduced

-Tipped infernus sword doesnt increase the damage but rather gives levitation effect

-Stratus sword gives levitation effect, damage reduced

-Oceanite helmet gives wearer water breathing

-Oceanite boots give wearer fire resistance

-Oceanite Armour defence lowered

-Lettuce crop added

-both refiners use redstone instead of coal for recipes


Airium tool update

-added airium tools (except hoe)

-added 'fireium refiner'

-'refiner' renamed to 'airium refiner', only refines airium now

-tipped fireium swords added

-iceberry bush and iceberries added

-Airium ore made slightly rarer

-bug fixed where refined fireium block could be mined by anything and still drop


Texture Update

-Ores look more natural

-Refiner texture modified


-Original release


Not bad for your first mod!
(Not hater suggestions):
1. Don't use the mcreator texture maker. It is un-vanilla like and not advanced. Lots of people dislike mcreator template generator mods because they usually are made without a lot of effort. Instead, download an app like paint.net and download a vanilla texture pack and edit it. Also, you can use this website: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/resourcepacks
which supports color filters and has all vanilla textures/sounds.
2. Rename the metals because airium and earthium sound weird, maybe a better name like Inferno ingot and Gaea ingot?
3. Maybe you can add special skills to tools like levitation for airium and auto fire aspect for fireium?
Keep up the great effort! I also made a mineral mod: https://mcreator.net/modification/51661/alloy-snapshot-saga

Thanks for your feedback! im currently redoing all the tool textures so that they look vanilla, and i will rename all 4 ores, and I just added the levitation effect to the airium sword and the fireium sword inflicts fire now. again thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated. If there is anything else please let me know