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no load lol


Iron Forge is a project i started a long times ago, its very far from being complete, but i just want some feed back on it !


this mod adds a lot more fonctionalities to iron, and lets you customize your weapons and other iron stuff so it

fit your combat and decoration style, if you have any suggestions of what to add to the mod, you can post it in the comments.


Items :



The iron thinn sword is a sword that deals low damage, but, it have a very low attack cooldown, so you can spam click with it like in 1.8 version of minecraft !





The iron thinn pickaxe is a pickaxe with the durability of a normal iron pickaxe, but it mines block faster than gold tools !





the iron sharpener is the tool that makes it possible to sharpen iron and make thin tools





the fat iron pickaxe is a pickaxe that mines slowly, but it digs 3X3 holes in stone !





the fat iron sword is a sword that deals more damage than netherite, but have a big cooldown





The iron plate is the first thing you want to craft to progress in this mod





the iron Sandwich, have much calicium in it, good for bones !





you feel time and space bending around it, and you definitely won't eat it





The iron spoon, deals... very much damage, and mines dirt kinda fast





Cereal, very cool meal (goes with the spoon)





Iron Iron, very hot, entity catch on fire when hit with it





Iron Fire Sword, very buggy, right click on it to activate, and another time to disable it ! works only in creative, don't craft it if you play in survival mode, its a waste of materials.





Crafts :


Iron Plate

not loading lol











Iron Fat Sword

still no load lol











Iron Fat Pickaxe

Blud is at mcdonalds XD











Iron Sharpener (shapeless)












Iron Thinn Sword (shapeless)












Iron Thinn Pickaxe (shapeless)












Iron Sandwich












Neutron Start Sandwich (shapeless)












Iron Spoon












Cereal (the iron spoon will stay in crafting gird) (shapeless)












Iron Iron

no image for you











Iron Fire Sword (shapeless)


Modification files
Iron Forge V1.2.jar - Newest Version.Uploaded on: 01/28/2024 - 00:15   File size: 61.84 KB
Iron Forge V1.1.jar - The Joke Update.Uploaded on: 12/28/2023 - 19:32   File size: 43.97 KB
Iron Forge V1.0.jar - First Mod Version.Uploaded on: 12/27/2023 - 14:23   File size: 27.13 KB

V 1.0

added :

  • iron plate
  • iron fat sword
  • iron thin sword
  • iron fat pickaxe
  • iron thin pickaxe
  • iron sharpener


fixed :



added :

  • iron sandwich
  • neutron start sandwich
  • iron spoon
  • advencements


fixed : 

  • typos abt thinn being writed thin
  • fat pickaxe texture



  • added :
  • cereal
  • iron iron
  • iron fire sword


fixed :


Very nice textures and ideas. If you expand the mod it can be MoTW