Kross Crafters

Published by SrKroz3n on Sun, 06/02/2019 - 15:06
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Items - Clox Powder; Clox Ingot; Obsidian Ingot; Water Iron Ingot; Water Stick; Hammer; Fragment Of Emerald; Fragment Of Diamond; Fragment Of Gold; Fragment Of Iron; Fragment Of Obsidian; Fragment Of Emerald Water; Darkium; Bron; Energy; Crystal; Energy Crystal; Blokium Scale; Energy Iron; Iron Powder; Iron Stick; Dark Feather; Diamond Powder; Diamond String; Diamond Arrow; Diamond Stick; Kross; TnT Powder; Supreme Wand; Special Chisel;Dark Open; Water Open;

Blocks - Clox; Water Dirt; Water Grass; Water Stone; Water Log; Water Planks; Water Emerald Block; Water Leaves; Water Iron Ore; Bedrockium; Darkium Ore; Crystal Ore; Dark Grass; Dark Stone; Bron Ore; Yellow Dirt; Yellow Grass; Kross Block; Darkium Block; Bron Block; Lava Grass; Energy Update(Not Working)

Armors - Emerald Armor; Obsidian Armor; Blokium Armor; Water Iron Armor; Happy Mask; Darkium Armor; Bron Armor; Kross Armor;

Food - Diamond Apple

Tools - Emerald Tools; Obsidian Tools; Water Iron Tools; Darkium Tools; Bron Tools; Bron Bow; Explosive Bow; Kross Sword; Kross Destroyer;

Dimensions - Water World; Darkium World; Dark World; Kross World;

Mobs - Water Defender; Blokium; Energy King; Lava God; Dark Chicken;

New Biome - Yellow Biome;


I hope you enjoy :D



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KrossCrafters 1.0.0.jar - Adventure Mob734.32 KB

the mod looks cool! P.S. does this mod give a way for players to obtain bedrock in survival mode, so they can build that portal?