Useful Stones mod Update

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it adds granite diorite and andesite tools to the game the mod was in 1.8 but I kind of updated so its not a 100% complete yet do to the lack of the prismarine tools added in the real thing so major props to CrazyGrape so thanks to him that I could ues his textures so I propble add the prismarine tools sooner or lator so have fun with more uses with those stones for now. Ho and Yeah This is the link

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In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

Pretty nice! Because it annoys when you get a lot of these stones and you can make just nothing with this... And seems to have good textures!

I was going to make a mod like this eventually, but you beat me! I might still make it, but it'll add more stuff (multiple stone combinatios, etc.)
texture tip, the outlines of the pics aren't sincronized to their stone type. could you fix that?

Finally, a mod that adds diorite tools.
Also commas are a thing. Your description could use some.