Useful Stones mod Update

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it adds granite diorite and andesite tools to the game the mod was in 1.8 but I kind of updated so its not a 100% complete yet do to the lack of the prismarine tools added in the real thing so major props to CrazyGrape so thanks to him that I could ues his textures so I propble add the prismarine tools sooner or lator so have fun with more uses with those stones for now. Ho and Yeah This is the link

Modification files
usefulstone mod 1.12.2.jar - adds uses to stones that 1.8 never gave uses to much85.08 KB

Pretty nice! Because it annoys when you get a lot of these stones and you can make just nothing with this... And seems to have good textures!

I was going to make a mod like this eventually, but you beat me! I might still make it, but it'll add more stuff (multiple stone combinatios, etc.)
texture tip, the outlines of the pics aren't sincronized to their stone type. could you fix that?

Great :)
In 1.14 they finally have a use though; trading with masons for tons of emeralds.

I Made a Better verison of This Its on curse Forge Right Now So Its ok if you use this Mod But theres Way More Now This mod isn't being Updated anymore Maybe it may have the prismarine tools but I can't truly say that right Now But don't worry too Much Because The New Mod Goes By A deffvernt Name Its called The useful blocks and Items mod... And yes

its for 1.12.2 But Iam also Planing releasing it to 1.7.10 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 and so on? so Go Check It out Not every thing is shown for now but you Can see for yourself... sorry for this mod but the new one adds something better.....but its a workin progress its granite diorite and andesite furnaces.. they are workin progress because they don't funchin yet so there mostly just for deraction for now when mcreator gets the furnace update that will be the day when they will have there uses but u can still craft them so at most you don't lose that much. but this is were the best part comes in the mod not only has granite and diorite and andesite tools but it also has a hole! lot of new tools made of a Real Real Real Lot of vanila minecraft Items and Blocks Even For the noobs And the Pros And even for thos Players that just want A little bit of everything In there Game like new/extinting food like cooked clownfish and bread slice and cake slices that can be

stacked.... the cakes can't be but the slices can so What are you wating for Ho and yeah Here Thats where you need to go but I will put this mod here if any one wants it here but don't be surprised if this one don't get updated as fast because its much faster to

Useful blocks & items is updated to 1.14.4 & 1.15.2 this might be the end for now for useful blocks & items mod because Mcreator's creator is taking a break from coding mcreator for now at least he sead at the home page but 2020.6 should be coming out hopeful before december ends wich means that 1.16.4 will have Useful Blocks & items too Boot! But we must wait & see but.... you know what that means for me... for you.... and for all of us this could be the end for useful blocks & items for all of us but restasure I will return when that happens its time for the nether useful blocks & items Update!

Ho and here's a another Link to bring you to curseforge with 1.15.2 & 1.14.4 & 1.15.2 has and programmer art version so have fun the new and old textures! I will update useful stones the next day by next after noon you should see a Update download this will be for 1.15.2.... not for 1.14.4 because I guess people don't like 1.14.4 that much so that will be the newest release so have fun