Goodies For Gardeners

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Welcome to "Goodies For Gardeners" mod!

This mod adds things to help people gardening or serve as decorative items. Some items will be also helpful for farmers. 

I don't know what to write anything else. Well, i might stop working on this mod for a short time, because I don't know how to implement most of my ideas.

This mod is currently in development, so you can write your ideas or report bugs in mod's topic.

So uhh, no updates for this mod. I'm currently moving all assets into my other mod called Desultorius. If you still want to play this mod you can still download it.

This mod adds:

  • Pitchfork - instrument that allows players to create Grass rolls.

  • Grass rolls - every type of grass has rolls. You can turn Dirt into Podzol, Mycelium, Grass and Grass path.

  • Pocket cutter - removes moss from mossy blocks.

  • Moss - can turn normal blocks into their mossy variant.

  • Watering can - special tool that works like bonemeal.

  • Black soil - block that randomly applies bonemeal effect on plants above it.

  • Sickle - tool that clears area from grass in + shape.

  • Other things i don't want to write here.


  • Something that rewards player for planting flowers.

  • More moss blocks.

  • More types of grass, flowers and dirt.

  • Fixing some bugs.

  • Mobs, I have no idea what they will do.

Modification files
Goodies_For_Gardeners_a1.1.jar - Alpha 1.1Uploaded on: 12/27/2020 - 07:18   File size: 233.37 KB
Goodies_For_Gardeners_a2.jar - Alpha 2Uploaded on: 12/29/2020 - 17:24   File size: 318.44 KB
Goodies_For_Gardeners_a2.1.jar - Alpha 2.1Uploaded on: 01/02/2021 - 09:48   File size: 333.56 KB
goodies_for_gardeners_b1.jar - Beta 1 !Uploaded on: 03/24/2021 - 19:14   File size: 357.33 KB
  • test build

It's first version. Not very stable and has small amount content

  • Alpha 1

Added - Moss blocks and bricks

Added - Watering can, special tool that speeds up growing

Added - Diamon pitchfork

Added - Crimson and warped rolls, they are only available with netherite pitchfork

Added - Netherite pitchfork

Added - Black soil, block that will randomly apply bonemeal to plants growing on it.

Changed - version is now 1.16.4

Changed - Rolls are not stackable

Changed - Pocket Cutter now can destroy more objects

Changed - Mossy skeleton behavior

Changed - Pitchfork won't turn coarse dirt into normal

  • Alpha 1.1 

Fixed - item names

  • Alpha 2  

Added - Sickles, tool that cleans + area from grass in one click

Added - New plant: Lunar Flower

          it's special flower that will infict levitation on collide. You also can right click to get some glowstone

Added - Wet Dirt, will break and inflict slowness on collide. It also has tight version and strong version

Added - Polished Moss Block

Changed - Nether Rolls now have better texture

Changed - How Watering Can works

Changed - Nether Pitchfork is more useful

Fixed - Pitchforks couldn't take damage when creating roll

Fixed - Other bugs i didn't remember

Removed - Mossy skeleton. Idk why. Just removed him

  • Alpha 2.1

Added - Horizontal Moss Bricks

Added - Small Moss Bricks

Added - Big Moss Bricks

Changed - Lunar Flower now can grow on Tight and Strong Wet Dirt

Changed - Advancement is now more funny

Fixed - some textures now look better

  • Beta 1

Added - Swampy Flower

Added - Lunar Stone (w.i.p)

Changed - moss textures are so good now, i can't even change them anymore

Changed - Updated to 1.16.5

Changed - Tight Wet Dirt texture

Changed - mod version is now beta

Changed - some minor changes to some textures

Changed - moss behaviour

Fixed - idk

Nice mod you have there, 5/5 stars if that was how the rating system worked.