Published by yomai on Thu, 02/10/2022 - 14:18
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This mod is discontinued.

Agecraft is a mod that adds history & mining related stuff! it currently adds:

Stone Tablets

Graver is a creeper like mob that is small and doesn't explode.
Spawns on stony biomes.
Has a chance to drop cobblestone if gets hit.

Smooth Netherrack

Generates on desert.

Sulphur Block
Explodes if gets a redstone signal.

New Stone Types
Rhyolite generates on nether wastes and basalt deltas.
Now you only can smelt nether brick from Rhyolite.
Only generates on salt caves.

Chrome ore can be found on soulsand valley
Chrome ore will automatically drop Chromes if it's under sunlight.
Chrome can be used to harden iron blocks by right clicking an iron block with Chrome.
Chrome blocks will glow rainbow if it's night time.

Hardened Iron Blocks
Hardened Iron
Hardened Iron Shingles
Hardened Iron Pillar
Hardened Iron Plate

Can be found in swamp biomes.
Can be used as fuel.

Snails will spawn on lush caves.
If you give a snail peat, it will drop bone meal.
Drops snail meat, can be cooked.
Cooked snail meat gives resistance when eaten.
Drops a snail shell block, can be converted do snail shell items. (Currently does nothing.)
You can get a snail to follow you by holding a grass in your hand.
Snails have a chance to drop snail eggs.
Snail eggs can be placed on ground, after a certain amount of time it will spawn snails. If it has a clay block under it, it will spawn more snails.
Snails are immune to projectiles.

Haste Vitamins
Luck Vitamins
Glow Vitamins
Each vitamin has a recipe on its own, depending on its ingredients it will give effects that doesnt have a potion.

Cave Bulbs
Cave Bulbs are plants that are commonly found in underground biomes, it has a tall variation aswell.

Pincer Trap
Fang Trap
All of them are activated by redstone, Pincer Traps do more damage than Fang traps.
Pincer Traps will slow entities down like a cobweb.
Lighter will burn entities.

Salt Caves Biome
Salt Caves Biome is completely made out of salt and salt pillars.
Drowned can spawn in the biome's lakes
You can find powder salt under the biome's lakes
If you run on powder salt, it has a chance to generate fire on top of it.
Salt is a part of the lighter recipe.
You can make polished salt and salt lamp out of salt.

Spider Fangs
You can get Spider Fangs by killing a spider or a cave spider, both are the same.
If you hold a Spider Fang on both hands, it will do more damage than one Spider Fang.
Spider Fangs are a part of the fang trap recipe.

Battery is essentially a redstone block that has gravity.

There are 3 statues, each representing a different dimension.

Reinforced Iron
Can be obtained by combining an obsidian and reinforced irons, nearly strong as obsidian.

Modification files
agecraft0.2.jar - agecraft first updateUploaded on: 03/13/2022 - 13:27   File size: 228.03 KB
agecraft0.3.jar - agecraft second updateUploaded on: 05/17/2022 - 18:18   File size: 268.23 KB
agecraft0.4.jar - agecraft third updateUploaded on: 06/08/2022 - 17:13   File size: 341.95 KB
agecraft0.5.jar - agecraft fourth updateUploaded on: 06/29/2022 - 14:42   File size: 517.37 KB

-added statues
-added salt stuff
-added traps
-added battery
-added reinforced iron