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Submitted by U8322 on Tue, 04/30/2019 - 15:17
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Bricks+ is a minecraft mod that expands bricks in minecraft, but it doesn't adds bricks for blocks like glass , glowstone , gravel... because i think it would be weird and silly to make bricks for them. I haven't find a mod that is focused on making bricks in the way i want, so i made one , for now this mod only adds bricks for 16 vanilla building materials

Mod Features:

  1. Golden Bricks
  2. Quartz Bricks
  3. Diamond Bricks
  4. Emerald Bricks
  5. Iron Bricks
  6. Bedrock Bricks
  7. Netherrack Bricks
  8. Wooden Bricks
  9. Obsidian Bricks
  10. Hardened Clay Bricks
  11. Lapis Lazuli Bricks
  12. Redstone Bricks
  13. Coal Bricks
  14. End Stone Bricks (only in 1.7.10)
  15. Sandstone Bricks
  16. Packed Ice Bricks

End Stone Bricks are actually added in 1.9 update but there isn't end stone bricks in 1.7.10 so i added it too, but it doesn't have the same texture with end stone bricks texture in 1.9 update i made my own end stone bricks texture. And all kind of planks will make oak wooden bricks, i will add wooden bricks for all kind of wood in a future update, and also redstone bricks doesn't make redstone energy i will fix it soon.And you can use wooden bricks and coal bricks as a fuel they burn for same lenght as their base block.

If you find any bugs in my mod don't forget to report it to me.



You can add this mod to your modpack without asking.


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

1.0.2: (05.02.2019)

  • Added Sandstone Bricks
  • Added Packed Ice Bricks
  • Now Redstone Bricks make metal sound instead of stone sound
  • Now Mod has its own Creative Tab

1.0.1: (05.01.2019)

  • Fixed Emerald Bricks falling like sand and gravel

1.0.0: (04.30.2019)

  • First Version of The Mod has 14 new blocks
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Submitted by ultrasquid on Tue, 04/30/2019 - 20:21

wooden bricks... what? I don't understand. P.S. it looks good, can I get a 1.12.2 version? also, ice bricks and packed ice bricks are an idea you can use in the future.

In 1.12.2 version of MCreator i get a problem with recipes so i decided to make it in 1.7.10 version , and i got the idea of ice bricks by myself but i don't know how i can make it melt by heath

when i try with the oldest MCreator version that is with 1.12.2 recipes worked so i will make the 1.12.2 version soon