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Published by JakolZero1 on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 20:50
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This modification introduces 7 new ores.

These are:

- Tanzanite

- Peridot

- Maxixe

- Larimar

- Hessonite

- Fire Opal

- Citrine


These ores have naturally spawning ore blocks, and can be crafted into full blocks. Similar to the vanilla ores. I have also added the feature to craft the ore blocks. If you destroyed a coal ore block, but wanted the actually coal ore block, that is now possible just by surrounding the ore in stone. simple.

There is a piece of armour for 5 of the seven new ores:

- Laminar Helmet

- Citrine Chestplate

- Fire Opal Leggings

- Tanzanite Boots

Each possess a unique ability.

The final 3 ores were used for tools:

- Peridot Pickaxe

- Maxixe Axe

- Hessonite Shovel

These three also possess unique abilities.



Update v1.2



- Bloodstone

- Elysium

- Corundum


These new ores can be found naturally generated in the nether.


-Bloodstone Sword

- Elysium Helmet

- Corundum Pickaxe


These new tools and armour possess unique abilities.


Minecraft forge is required. For minecraft 1.12.2

Modification files
Other Resources v1.2.jar - Other Resources V1.2242.09 KB


Update v1.2

- Added 3 new ores each with special uses.

- Added the ability to smelt the ore blocks, like vanilla ores.

- Fixed the Tanzanite Ore Block Texture.