Copper Overhaul (Deprecated)

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Note: This mod is no longer updated on this page as it has been moved to custom code.


 Feel like copper is kinda useless? Copper Overhaul fixes that by adding more variety for copper blocks, new items, tools, an upgrade system for armours and brand new elevator mechanics using magnetism and copper conduits!

Copper Overhaul CIT is highly recommended for the mod to work properly

The first full release just released! Check it out :D




Locksmithing Sharing





Copper Overhaul is only available for Forge and there's no fabric port planned.

Made with 🧡 by Alm

Modification files
Copper - Update v22.06.14 is out!Uploaded on: 06/06/2022 - 09:18   File size: 403 bytes

Update v22.06.14:

- Fixed bugs

- Better server performance while playing with lots of mods

- New block: Copper Wire, a vertical redstone dust like block

My eyes are filled with the beauty of the design. You are able to attract viewers. If you had not tried to arrange everything beautifully along with screenshots, then few people would have reacted. Well done!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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