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Materials +

Short Description (long version at the bottom of the page):

Materials+ is a mod that's mainly based on added new materials to Minecraft that can be used to craft new weapons, tools, armor, etc.


Plans for the Future:

  1. (50%) Remove the update log and replace it with all the current things in the game with pictures and short descriptions of what they are.
  2. Add more metals and precious gems.
  3. Add foods and drinks.
  4. Add more mobs, hostile, neutral and friendly.
  5. Add more staffs.
  6. Change/remake a lot of the textures.
  7. Add more blocks with GUIs.
  8. Add more materials that are crafted using default Minecraft materials such as bones to make bone fragments.
  9. Add coins.
  10. Add custom trees/plants.



  1. Ruby
  2. Ruby Shard
  3. Ruby Ore
  4. Ruby Block
  5. Sapphire
  6. Sapphire Shard
  7. Sapphire Ore
  8. Sapphire Block
  9. Amethyst
  10. Amethyst Shard
  11. Amethyst Ore
  12. Amethyst Block
  13. Diamond Shard
  14. Emerald Shard
  15. Steel Ingot
  16. Steel Armor
  17. Steel Tools
  18. Steel Block
  19. Titanium Ingot
  20. Titanium Ore
  21. Titanium Armor
  22. Titanium Tools
  23. Titanium Block
  24. Chromium Ingot
  25. Chromium Ore
  26. Chromium Armor
  27. Chromium Tools
  28. Chromium Block
  29. Silver Ingot
  30. Silver Ore
  31. Carbon Ingot
  32. Carbon Ore
  33. Special Ore
  34. Evil Pig
  35. Evil Pig Leather
  36. Fire Staff
  37. Water Staff
  38. Air Staff
  39. Earth Staff
  40. Death Staff
  41. Fire Elemental Crystal
  42. Water Elemental Crystal
  43. Air Elemental Crystal
  44. Earth Elemental Crystal
  45. Death Gem
  46. Power Gem
  47. Power Ore
  48. Power Armor Set
  49. Power Sword
  50. Mysterious Grass
  51. Mysterious Dirt
  52. Mysterious Dust
  53. Mysterious Biome
  54. Mysterious Dimension
  55. Metal Forge


Long Description:
Materials+ is the first mod I've ever shared with the public. I have made other mods, but they were very simple, basic mods that a monkey could make. I hope to keep updating this mod for a long time, adding new items, mobs, etc. I've rushed adding a lot to the mod right now so I'm unhappy with quite a few of the textures being used currently and will surely change them in the future.

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