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[1.1.0 UPDATE:]

1.1 is finally here!  The big changes are 2 new endgame ores that will allow you to DOMINATE your world!  These 2 ores will make titanium look worthless!

2 new dimensions: Solar & Lunar

Solar:  Nether-Like.  Solar Stone burns you like Magma Blocks do, but deals 2 hitpoints per hit instead of 1.  Sun Ore is found here.

Lunar:  Overworld-Like.  Lunar Stone slows & blinds you.  Moon ore is found here.

Both stone types require an iron pickaxe or better to mine.  Both ores require a diamond pick or similar.

Sun Ore:  Crafts solar tools.  Weapons & Armor focus on swords & axes.

Moon Ore:  Crafts lunar tools.  Weapons % Armor focus on bows.

Solar Sword:  Deals 15 damage per hit.  Left-click to summon lightning (if looking at block) or repair sword (if not highlighting a block).

Lunar Bow:  Shoots an explosive projectile combining the effects of the TNT bow and Sniper bow.

Lunar bow can destroy stone blocks & weaker.  Stone can only be destroyed if the bullet directly hits it.

Solar & Lunar Tools:  EXTREMELY fast!  Also power tools, unlike any other tool in the game!

Solar Tools:  Right click on a block to create a small explosion (except for hoes).  Uses 3 durability.  Right click in the air to repair 1 durability per click.  Only repairs during the day.

Lunar Tools:  Right click on a block to instantly remove a block and make it drop (again, not the hoes).  Uses 3 durability.  Right click in the air to repair 1 durability per click.  Only repairs during the night.

The only difference tool-wise are the axes.  The Solar Waraxe focuses on damage, while the Lunar Saw focuses on mining wood.

ALL tools and weapons have a MASSIVE 4,000 uses before they break.  Wow!

Hope you enjoy!  Please post any bugs you might find!


[1.0.3 UPDATE:]

Fixed limestone bricks not giving proper amount of bricks when crafted.

Fixed new wood recipies not yielding crafting tables in 2x2 grid.

Trees in the new biomes are shorter & look more natural.

Slightly lowered hardness of regular basalt.

New woods can now be used to make sticks & wooden tools.

New wooden logs & planks can be used as a fuel scource.

This update is mainly just bug fixes and minor changes.  See you soon!


[1.0.2 UPDATE:]

Added lead ore & tools.

Added basalt (similar recipies as granite/diorite/andesite)

Added stone bricks for basalt, granite, diorite, & andesite. Craft these bricks the same way you polish them but use the polished versions instead.

Added limestone (similar recipies to regular stone).

Furnaces & stone tools can be crafted from limestone.

Fixed copper pick recipie using bronze ingots instead of copper.

Added hickory, cedar, & pine trees & seperate biomes for each (can't craft stairs, slabs, & wooden tools with them).

New wood types can be cooked into charcoal.

Look for future updates!


[1.0.1 UPDATE:]

Added cloud tools

Added cloud ore in the sky islands dimension.

Added horse armor recipies.

Alloy recipies are now shapeless.

Fixed cloud dimension spawning finicky.

Nether mobs now spawn in the Underground dimension.

Adjusted achievements list to be more visible.

And that's it for new changes!


Two words: Forging & Adventure (not counting the & symbol)!  Grab your furnaces and adventuring boots because it's time to smith & explore with many new metals, 5 new alloys, 2 new dimensions, and more!

Oh FYI, the name is a reference about Mettaton from Undertale (credit to Toby Fox for that).

Anyway, the majority of the crafting recipies are self-explanatory, but you will need help for some of them.

For ALL alloys, place 1 ingot in the center of a crafting table, and place the other ingot in the bottom right slot (as shown above).

I PROMISE that I will make these shapeless very soon!

So, for bronze, you need 1 copper and 1 tin.

For bismuth bronze, you need 1 bismuth and 1 bronze.

For brass, you need 1 silver and 1 tin.

For rose gold, you need 1 gold and 1 ruby.

For steel, you need 1 iron and 1 coal.

Charcoal will NOT work for the steel recipie, as it would normally fail in real life.

Melted Glowstone and Liquid Glowstone:

For melted glowstone, simply heat it in a furnace.

For liquid glowstone, put melted glowstone in the center of a crafting table and but a bucket underneath it.


Craft the portal igniters with ruby/topaz in the center of the crafting table, and flint in the bottom-right slot (like alloys).

The Sky Islands portal is made with bricks, and use the Topaz Igniter on it.

The Underground portal is made with nether bricks (NOT red), and use the Ruby Igniter on it.

Now for tips:

Fog liquid is found in the Sky Islands dimension, and flows upward.  It cannot be crafted.

Liquid glowstone emits light at the scource block, and cannot be found naturally.

The Underground dimension spawns only diamond and titanium ores.  Diamond is common, while titanium is not as common.

If you're lucky enough with the Underground's spawn, you may find a large chunk of titanium in one place!

Both dimensions spawn overworld mobs.

Charcoal blocks can now be crafted, and can be used as a fuel scource with the same power as coal blocks.

Void buckets are only accessible in Creative Mode, and explode terrain, with a bigger radius than TNT, when used.  It does not get used up in Survival Mode.

Saddles can now be crafted as shown above.

I will add horse armor recipies soon!

Modification files - Metal & Magic 1.1.0 (LATEST)Uploaded on: 12/22/2016 - 21:18   File size: 1.05 MB
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I would LOVE to hear any ideas you guys have for improving this mod! Report any bugs you might find, and enjoy!

Not to call you bad or anything but there are several other mods with limestone, basalt, ruby, titanium. You need something to make YOUR mod unique.

@#2 I am planning on adding many more alloys in the 1.1 update. There will also be 2 new ores (possibly more) that actually benefit certain types of combat (eg. one boosts swords but not bows, another boosts bows but not swords, etc.). Yes, I do know why you said that this mod isn't very unique, but I will try my best to fix that. Thanks for the input!

You could add a Sun God and Lunar God which hate themselves and you could also add a Wizard.

@#3 that's a very interesting idea. Unfortunatley, I'm no longer going to update this mod, as I'm working on a revamp to this which will be called Metal Foundry. I think I'll add those to the new mod. Thanks for the idea!

Hey im making a mod that will have something like your Solar Stone in that it burns you just like magma blocks except it does extra damage. Im still trying to figure out the event thing for that with the new layout for Mcreator, as it was changed (for the better, but still a bit confusing) Could you please send me something that will tell me how to make that? also, look out for PhoenixCraft because it will be here soon i hope!