Galaxycraft Infinity

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Academic Free License v3.0
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This mod now requires Geckolib to work!

Galaxycraft Infinity is a mod that is about adding powerfull weapons from pop-culture by traveling trough different dimensions and collecting different resources, currently the mod adds:

New Dimensions: 

Neptune and Uranus (portal lighted using Ice and Uranite)

<- made in Chrono destabilizer

New ores: Uranite (found on Uranus), Neptite found on Neptune, Grimtane (found in overworld), glitch ore (only obtainable using matrix pickaxe from my other mod crystalcraft unlimited can be found in overworld),and Blood steel found in the overworld

New crafting stations:

The quantum cube:

The Chrono Destabilzer:

New mobs: the waterwolf (found on Neptune), and the Zombo and snow spider found on Uranus


And most importantly the new weapons/items and their recipes (the 100 slot table is the quantum cube and the one with evolution and devolution is the chrono destabilzer:

u/Common-Tea-6511 - Galaxycraft Recipes

u/Common-Tea-6511 - Galaxycraft Recipes

u/Common-Tea-6511 - Galaxycraft Recipes

u/Common-Tea-6511 - Galaxycraft Recipes

u/Common-Tea-6511 - Galaxycraft Recipes


There are also some recipes that can only be done if you also have my other mod crystalcraft unlimited installed:

If you still have any questions or suggestions for new weapons feel free to comment down below

Modification files
galaxycraft_infinity_mob_update (1).jar - Galaxycraft Infinity Mod File (Mob Update)Uploaded on: 05/27/2024 - 15:07   File size: 1.77 MB

Added the praying mantis Added the flower mantis Added the cobra Added the T-rex Added the Royal Flush Sword Added the Energy Blade Added the Inverted Spear Of Heaven Added the Buster Blade Added the Blaster Rifle Added Mjölnir Improved all the models they are 3D now Made Glitch Ore mineable using the neptite or uranite pickaxe Change what some of the swords do And more...

Hey, I checked your mod out and found some texture issues. One of them is with the Acheron's blade when using the slashed dream form where the blade sometimes turns into the "no model/texture cube". Otherwise looks good so far :)