Ores Galore - Rewritten Update (Alpha 1.7.0-public)

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Announcement: I moved my project to CurseForge because I've rewritten the mod without MCreator. Link: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ores-galore.


Ores Galore adds (at least, that's the goal) tons of new ores and blocks and items. The resources of the items can be found underground. In total there are five armor sets, which are

  • Blue Sapphire set, consists out of its ore variant, item variant and block variant. The item variant can be crafted into its armor, sword and tools set. This set was created to form a sort of bridge between Iron and Diamond.
  • Pink Topaz set, consists also out of its ore. item and block variants. Once again, the item variant can be crafted into its armor, sword and tools set. This set sits between Chain and Iron.
  • Greenium set, the most powerful set in version 1.7.0. The ore variant is, however, extremely rare, to sort of balance it out a bit.
  • Ruby set. It uses the original Ruby texture and has been expanded with its own tools and armor. It is comparable with the Sapphire set.
  • Steel set, consisting out of tools and armor. It's better than Iron, but not as good as Ruby and Blue Sapphire.

Besides this, there are also some other features. These are

  • The mod adds also a new type of fuel: Uranium, to be precise. It spawn quite often, but before its usable, you need at least nine pieces of Uranium Dust.
  • Purpelium Ore, generating in the End. It has currently no use other than using it as a decorative block.
  • Language support. If you want your language to be present in the next update, please comment down below and I'll make the language files public, as a download link. Please note: because I'm Dutch, I provide the Dutch translation (nl_NL) besides American English (en_US).

Of course you can submit some ideas aswell in the comment section!

Changelog for Alpha 1.7.0-public

  • Remember that this version is still Alpha, right? And that everything done on these versions is always a subject to change? Choose 'yes' or 'no'. Have you chosen? Yes? Ok. No? You know it now. Anyways, you need to regenerate your world again if you've downloaded one of the two versions previously. My apologies... This will be, if everything goes well, the last time you have to do this.
  • Some of the blocks will be a variant with 50% or 25% less block present.
  • Orange Topaz has been replaced with Pink Topaz.
  • Pink Topaz (f.k.a. Orange Topaz) has been nerfed and is now mineable with Stone Pickaxe instead of Iron Pickaxe.
  • Rewritten everything that could be rewritten.
  • Because I've rewritten everything without using MCreator, I will be moving to another platform ASAP (this does not mean I won't be here anymore, if you're wondering). Details on this will come ASAP (and possibly a link to the mod on the other platform, if the admins allow it of course). Please calm down already. Just know that I'm working on it and that future updates will be released on the other platform.
  • Added Purpelium Ore, Purpelium and Purpelium Block.
  • Added language support.
  • Added four decorative block types, namely Decorated Stone, Granite, Diorite and Andesite. The Granite, Diorite and Andesite blocks can be created using Polished Granite, Diorite and Andesite and Decorated Stone using normal Stone Bricks.
  • Decreased the size (206 kB to 142 kB) while it still contains everything that was originally implemented plus the extra additions.

Far future plans

  • An ore dimension
  • Structures
  • Storage blocks
  • Slabs and stairs
  • ...


This mod isn't related at all to Ores Galore!, even though it has a similar name. I was not aware of the mod's existence when I came up with the name.


Modification files
oresgalore-alpha_1.7.0-public.jar - Alpha 1.7.0-public (recommended)142.17 KB
oresgalore_ver_alpha_1.6.4-public.jar - Alpha 1.6.4-public (not recommended)206.15 KB

If you're wondering what happened to Alpha 1.5.x-public: I decided not to release it. I was testing structure generation with custom blocks. It did not work in the slightest and eventually ended up with missing texture blocks. It took two days to get everything back to what it was before I tested it (texture-wise) and was really mad because of that. I did not want to release Alpha 1.5.x because of this event and moved on to Alpha 1.6.x-public.