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About The Mod

Nodes Plus is a resource gathering mod that you can find specific blocks around the world that allows you to harvest specific resources such as wood, ores and so on. The concept was inspired from the resource gathering in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Config Files

You can find the config files under your profile installation folder in the following path.
there are two config files that can change the node, growth time, and the inventory size of each node.


  • Config support
  • Custom particles for each node.
  • Full moon curse that can impact collecting.
  • Loot table support
  • Nodes can be collecting when they are visible.
  • Nodes give resources of the node type when right-clicked.
  • Nodes can accumulate up to 64 items per node.
  • Nodes have timers based on the type of resource.
  • Higher value items like diamonds take longer to accumulate resources.
  • Node categories (wood, crystal, and minerals).

Planned Features

  • Node categories
    • Stone nodes.
    • Fish nodes.
    • Treasure nodes.
    • Crop nodes.
    • Flower nodes.
    • Alchemy nodes.
    • Animal nodes.
    • Monster nodes.
    • Experience nodes.
  • Unique features
    • Customizable accumulate times.
    • Customizable maximum accumulate size.

Resource Packs

I have simplified the models in 2.3.0 but I have made a resource pack for those who still wish to use the existing models instead.

The resource pack will be available soon on the download page on the official website.

Official Sites

You can find all downloads on these official sites.

Mineral Nodes

Mineral Nodes

Crystal Nodes

Crystal Nodes

Wood Nodes

Wood Nodes

    Modification files
    NodesPlus_2.3.0_for_1.17.1.jar - NodesPlus 2.3.0 for 1.17.1Uploaded on: 01/19/2022 - 04:41   File size: 2.41 MB
    NodesPlus_2.0.0_for_1.16.5.jar - NodesPlus 2.0.0 for 1.16.5Uploaded on: 12/22/2021 - 19:03   File size: 1.46 MB
    NodesPlus_1.1.0_for_1.15.2.jar - NodesPlus 1.1.0 for 1.15.2Uploaded on: 12/22/2021 - 19:04   File size: 1.27 MB

    2.3.0 - The Creation Update (1.17.1)

    • Added Config support for growth time.
    • Added Config support for inventory size.
    • Added Loot table support.
    • Fixed error with old structure spawning script.
    • Nodes no longer spawn particles when hidden.
    • Nodes no longer run the full moon event on the first day of the world.
    • Nodes no longer tick tick when they are generated.
    • Nodes now only require a iron axe to mine them.
    • Nodes now spawn with their resources ranging from 1 to 16 items.
    • Nodes only show particles after the player interacts with the block.
    • Updated models for all nodes.
    • Updated some textures for nodes.

    2.2.0 - The Metallic Update (1.17.1)

    • Added Coal Mineral Nodes
    • Added Copper Mineral Nodes
    • Added dangerous harvest event on full moons
    • Added Gold Mineral Nodes
    • Added Iron Mineral Nodes
    • Added unique particles for every node

    2.1.0 - The Precious Gem Update (1.17.1)

    • Added Amethyst Crystal Node
    • Added Diamond Crystal Node
    • Added Emerald Crystal Node
    • Added Glowstone Crystal Node
    • Added Lapis Crystal Node
    • Added Quartz Crystal Node
    • Added Redstone Crystal Node
    • Fixed Crimson and Warped wood animation.
    • Fixed Crimson and Warped wood being rare in the nether.
    • Fixed Crimson and Warped wood not generating.
    • Updated the model view positions for all wood nodes.

    2.0.0 - Driftwood Update 2.0 (1.17.1)

    • Ported the mod to 1.17.1

    2.0.0 - Driftwood Update 2.0 (1.16.5)

    • Added Jungle Wood Node
    • Added Hidden Jungle Wood Node
    • Added Acacia Wood Node
    • Added Birch Wood Node
    • Added Crimson Wood Node
    • Added Custom Node Particles
    • Added Dark Oak Wood Node
    • Added Hidden Versions For All Nodes.
    • Added Nodes Plus Creative Tab
    • Added Oak Wood Node
    • Added Spruce Wood Node
    • Added Structures for all nodes
    • Added Warped Wood Node
    • Hidden Nodes are not breakable but regular wood are.
    • Remade the mod due to lost workspace
    • Wood nodes now gain one log every 2 minutes
    • Wood nodes now can reach 64 items when collected
    • Wood nodes require a diamond axe to break and obtain the block.

    1.1.0 - Driftwood Update Part 2

    • Added Acacia Wood Nodes
    • Added Birch Wood Nodes
    • Added Creative Tab
    • Added Dark Oak Wood Nodes
    • Added Jungle Wood Nodes
    • Added Spruce Wood Nodes
    • Drops amount is now random level 1 can drop between (1 and 6) items or deal damage to the tool, level 2 can drop between (1 and 12) items or deal damage to the tool, level 3 can drop between (1 and 18) items or deal damage to the tool, and level 4 can drop between (1 and 24) items or deal damage to the tool.
    • Mining wood now has a 50% chance of dropping logs, 30% chance of dropping sticks, and a 20% chance of dealing damage for every item that would have dropped (max 24 damage points).
    • Nodes now refresh every 5 minutes.
    • Rebalanced node drop amounts.

    1.0.0 - Driftwood Update Part 1

    • Added Oak Wood Nodes



        Thanks I still have a lot of work to do, many things are planned, like fishing, ores, wood and stone to name a few things.
        I only have oak wood made at the moment but I have the other wood types prepped and ready to be added which will take no time at all now that I have one made :)

        I recently found out that you can use item NBT, its easier then messing around with Tags to be honest, and offers more freedom when adding support between mods for sure.

        I also want to ask what topic would be best for adding a tutorial for a guide on adding support for my mod, would it fall under "Mod showcase and discussion" or "General Discussion"?

        Nice idea had the same Idea but only with ores in factorio style but didn't manage to get it working. so it's nice to see other people got it to work ^^