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About Nodes Plus

Nodes Plus is a resource gathering mod that adds nodes to Minecraft that can be, harvested over a while. Inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online's resource nodes and developed by NorthWestTrees Gaming, we are happy to present to you Nodes Plus.

What has Been Added?

  • Oak Wood Nodes - Generates in places with oak trees.
  • Spruce Wood Nodes - Generates in places with spruce trees.
  • Birch Wood Nodes - Generates in places with birch trees.
  • Jungle Wood Nodes - Generates in places with jungle trees.
  • Acacia Wood Nodes - Generates in places with acacia trees.
  • Dark Oak Wood Nodes - Generates in places with dark oak trees.

Generation and Spawning Conditions

For a full list of generation information see my official blog post with all of the generation settings.

Our Road Map

Some of the following things we still have planned and we are working on adding right now.

1.0.0 - 1.1.0 - Driftwood Update

This version has been released!

  • Oak Wood Nodes
  • Spruce Wood Nodes
  • Birch Wood Nodes
  • Jungle Wood Nodes
  • Acacia Wood Nodes
  • Dark Oak Wood Nodes

1.2.0 - Stonehenge Update

This version is being worked on!

  • Stone Nodes
  • Andesite Stone Nodes
  • Granite Stone Nodes
  • Diorite Stone Nodes
  • Diamond Ore Nodes
  • Redstone Ore Nodes
  • Emerald Ore Nodes
  • Lapis Ore Nodes
  • Quartz Ore Nodes
  • Glowstone Ore Nodes
  • Basic Gold Ore Nodes
  • Mesa Gold Ore Nodes
  • Iron Ore Nodes
  • Coal Ore Nodes

1.3.0 - Kraken Update

This version is planned!

  • Fresh Water Fish Nodes
  • Salt Water Fish Nodes
  • Sea Shell Nodes
  • Treasure Nodes

1.4.0 - Wilderness Update

This version is planned!

  • Crop Nodes
  • Flower Nodes

3rd Party Support

If you want to make your tools work with our mod you can follow this guide I made to add support for your tools so our mod detects the tool being used. The rest is handled on our end.

Modification files - NodesPlus v1.1.01.22 MB - NodesPlus v1.0.01.04 MB

1.0.0 - Released (Aug 5th, 2020)

  • Added Oak Wood Nodes

1.1.0 - Released (Aug 6th, 2020)

  • Added Creative Tab
  • Added Spruce Wood Nodes
  • Added Birch Wood Nodes
  • Added Jungle Wood Nodes
  • Added Acacia Wood Nodes
  • Added Dark Oak Wood Nodes
  • Nodes now refresh every 5 minutes.
  • Rebalanced node drop amounts.
  • Mining wood now has a 50% chance of dropping logs, 30% chance of dropping sticks, and a 20% chance of dealing damage for every item that would have dropped (max 24 damage points).
  • Drops amount is now random level 1 can drop between (1 and 6) items or deal damage to the tool, level 2 can drop between (1 and 12) items or deal damage to the tool, level 3 can drop between (1 and 18) items or deal damage to the tool, and level 4 can drop between (1 and 24) items or deal damage to the tool.

1.2.0 - Upcoming

  • Added Diamond Crystal Nodes
  • Fixed block dimensions for hidden logs (they are now the same as the logs)
  • More coming soon!

Thanks I still have a lot of work to do, many things are planned, like fishing, ores, wood and stone to name a few things.
I only have oak wood made at the moment but I have the other wood types prepped and ready to be added which will take no time at all now that I have one made :)

I recently found out that you can use item NBT, its easier then messing around with Tags to be honest, and offers more freedom when adding support between mods for sure.

I also want to ask what topic would be best for adding a tutorial for a guide on adding support for my mod, would it fall under "Mod showcase and discussion" or "General Discussion"?

Nice idea had the same Idea but only with ores in factorio style but didn't manage to get it working. so it's nice to see other people got it to work ^^