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Academic Free License v3.0
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Mod adds to the game the ability to make a brilliant but how to do it? It's simple, step one: is to make a diamond block and put it in the stone cutter, you will get a brilliant nugget. Step Two: Make a brilliant out of two brilliant nuggets. Step three: make a brilliant block out of nine brilliant, the brilliant block is very lasting! After all this, you will receive an achievement


also added

  • Weapon
  • Varieties of brilliants
  • Brilliant goods for villagers
  • Two rare structures
  • Gun
  • Force artifact
Modification files
Brilliants 1.1.0_0.jar - No brilliants optionsUploaded on: 08/15/2023 - 15:16   File size: 37.21 KB
Brilliants 1.3.0.jar - 1.19.4Uploaded on: 08/19/2023 - 14:39   File size: 137.63 KB
brilliants 1.4.0.jar - 1.20.1!Uploaded on: 12/02/2023 - 07:38   File size: 140.16 KB

1.0.0: First version of the mod

1.1.0: Added weapons and deals with villagers

1.2.0: Added varieties of brilliants

1.2.5: Added two new structures

1.3.0: Even more brilliants options

1.4.0: 1.20.1!

Hello! Its me again. Can you make unique items like Brilliant core that gives you Strength effect level 2 and loses 1 toughness per click (Have 25 toughness)? Also i wish you make green, blue and purple brilliants that can made by cutting emerald (green), by cutting lapis (blue) and by cutting amethyst (purple). You can make Rainbow brilliant sword by combine all 7 brilliants and Brilliant sword. And can you add Rainbow brilliant phases if it broken in 1.4.0?

I have a new mod

Good textures. Can you add brilliant's types like Red, Orange, Yellow? For example: You can make Yellow brilliant's nugget from stonecutting golden Block or Red from stonecutting redstone Block. This will help make jewelry in minecraft.

Its a nice color. Are there any plans to make a tool set or uses for this block/items or was this moreso a learning experience/first mod?