Pixelbraker_Core [PxBr_Core]

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WARING! This Mod won't be contiued on this website! I will only actively update in on Curseforge

#A simple "Random Things" like mod but with less complicatet ideas. It adds some Things I would like, combining them in a Vanilla+ style mod.



Fixed Glass Shards, Fixed Batwings and Calamari, Halberds, Apple Cow (can drop golden apples rarely), some new tools made of Obsidian, Emerald, Black Diamonds



Compressed Cobblestone Fix, Glass Shards (Experimental), Armors From all Ores (and Wood,Stone,Netherstar)



Compressed Cobblestone (Experimental)



Craftable: Saddle, Horse Armor, Chain Armor, Myzel, Enchanted Apple, Charcoalblock and Deconstructable Quarz blocks

Fake Blocks: Stone, Sand, Dirt

Experimental [OP only]: Batwings, Calamari



Nether Ores, End Ores  New Ores: Black Diamond, Omega


In future versions:

Food: Bat Wing, Calamari, Wolf, Cat, Horse, Lama, Chocolate, Cheese, Flesh Bar

Ores: Dense Ores, Light Ores

Other: Glass shard, Compressed Cobblestone, Mushroom Seeds, Various Block Armors, apple cows, Golden Head, Player like mob, Potion effekt talismans, Krystall deco blocks, marble deko blocks, Various Stairs and Slabs, Various craftable vanilla items, Various fake blocks, Iron Chets, Mo zombies, Item Magnet, XP Ore, Bones instead of sticks in every crating recepi, Wither Skull fragments

Weapons: Katanas, Daggers, Battleaxe, Warhammers, Halberds, Saber, Greatsword, longsword, Mace, Bows

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