Random Everythings Mod

Published by MrMeme on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 18:08
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This mod contains random everythings, like the title suggests. Including salted foods, Plankton from SpongeBob, a literal poop biome, and more. This mod is currently a work in progress.

Modification files
Random Everythings 1.6.1 alpha.jarUploaded on: 03/02/2019 - 00:49   File size: 2.2 MB


  • 1.6.1 alpha:
  • Added Dank Meme Biome
  • Added Baldi (only spawns in dank meme biome)
  • Added Baldi's ruler that makes a slapping sound
  • Added Tiny Jungle Biome
  • Added Tall Taiga Biome
  • Added Lavafish
  • Changed name of Salt to Salt Item in language files
  • Removed old salt texture
  • Changed poop texture


  • 1.5 alpha:
  • Added Golden Cookies (gives you 15 seconds of saturation)
  • Added Double Chocolate Cookies (gives you 5 seconds of speed II)
  • Added Apple Pie (gives you slightly more hunger than Pumpkin Pie)
  • Added the Meme Dimension! (Spawns many memey things. Portal is made out of Hard Poop)
  • Added Meme and Steel (used to ignite the meme portal)
  • Added Despacito Spiders
  • Added Poop Clump structures
  • Added Crab Rave structures
  • Added No U structures
  • Removed Billy Jr. (oof)


  • 1.4 alpha:
  • Added two new types of chiseled sandstone, red sandstone, and stone bricks
  • Added Knowledge Bookshelves
  • Added Nether Reactor Core
  • Tweaked mob spawn rates
  • Tweaked some item textures
  • Made poop biomes less common
  • Improved functionality of Poop Crates
  • Changed crafting recipe of Poop Crates


  • 1.3 alpha:
  • Everything in this mod is now in its own creative tab
  • Added Poop Biome
  • Added Hard Poop (only found in poop biome)
  • Removed Fortnite mob (it's dumb ok?)
  • Added PewDiePie
  • Added T-Series
  • Added G-Fuel (only dropped by Pewds, gives you strength)
  • Added Billy Jr. (drops special knowledge books that'll be useful later)
  • Updated some textures


  • 1.2 alpha:
  • Plankton model finally fixed
  • Added Danger Patties (explosive!; crafted from 1 patty and 1 TNT)
  • Added Mycelium recipe (1 grass, 1 red mushroom, and 1 brown mushroom
  • Added Poop Blocks (crafted from 9 poop; plants can grow on them)
  • Added Poop
  • Added Fortnite mobs (drop poop and only spawn in the Nether)
  • Added Hoopla mobs
  • Added Poop Crates (crafted from 4 poop in the corners, 4 sticks in between the corners, and 1 poop block in the middle)
  • Bubbles are now crafted using a water bucket
  • Minor tweaking


  • 1.1 alpha:
  • Added sounds for Plankton
  • Added Salted Mutton, Salmon, and Rabbit
  • Made salted food textures look more like their originals
  • Made salted food restore accurate hunger
  • Added Salt Block (crafted using 9 salt)
  • Added Krabby Patty Block (affected by gravity) (crafted using 9 patties)
  • Added Bubbles (get four of them from a water bottle)
  • Added Bubble Wand (crafted with an iron ingot and two sticks)
  • Added Triple Patty Deluxe (crafted from 3 krabby patties and 3 gold underneath them)


  • 1.0.1 alpha:
  • Removed unused Secret Sauce and Secret Formulacus


  • 1.0 alpha:
  • Added Salted Porkchop, Cod, Steak, and Chicken (crafted with cooked food and salt)
  • Added the Plankton mob (WIP)
  • Added Salt Ore and Salt
  • Added Secret Sauce and Secret Formulacus (plant)
  • Added Iron and Golden Spatulas
  • Added recipes for Podzol and Grass Blocks
  • Added Krabby Patties