EnderFarmer (discontinued)

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This mod is discontinued. Stuff from this mod will be added in a future mod.

So, if you don't understand this, it was one of my first published mods for 1.9 when I wasn't in the UK, my first one that got published got taken down. If you don't understand why this mod doesn't really have that much to do to the End dimension itself, I didn't really understand the changes when the End dimension was improved in 1.9 that took the old Xbox 360 Edition's Ender Dragon boss fight and added End Cities and the End Gateway.

Will this mod be redone one day?

I don't know. I played Survival on Realms that I explored an End city and got my first Elytra from an airship. So I understood a lot more about the End itself. Wish me luck. And also, EnderFarmer will get a slightly different name, called "Enhanced End".

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