Future Items

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Adds items from future versions into earlier versions such as 1.15.2 and soon 1.12. Eventually this will add every feature from future releases until then I'll slowly add more features

Current Features:

- the warden (1.17)

- calcite (1.17)

-  amethyst block (1.17)

-  netherite (1.16)

-  warped nylium (1.16)

-  dripstone and dripstone stalactites (1.17)

Modification files
FutureItems.jar - First release thats public.Uploaded on: 03/08/2021 - 20:48   File size: 107.85 KB

beta 1.0:

- added the warden (1.17)

- added calcite (1.17)

- added amethyst block (1.17)

- added netherite (1.16)

- added warped nylium (1.16)

- added dripstone and dripstone stalactites (1.17)

Seems like my time and pressure on recreating the warden are worthless. 3 months and nothing has changed.

It's painful to look at the warden. Here, I have a complete warden replica, which I spent a lot of time on, hope my eyes stop burning
Heres the image: https://ibb.co/QNQN6tY

I like this mod idea, though the Warden texture is a bit plain :)