Ores for Everything

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Ores for Everything

130 mod elements!


-Citrium Ore: An ore based around combat and food. You can make a sword and armour with it, and also use it with lemons and other ingredients to make useful foods. The ore itself drops 2 shards. 4 of these make a crystal, that can be used to make items like the sword and armour. The crystal can be crafted into dust, which is used in the food.

-Prismarine Ore: There are 2 types of prismarine ore. One drops shards, the other drops crystals.

-Block of Kablooey: This spawns very rarely, and explodes upon being touched, mined, blown up or right-clicked on. If you see one, avoid it at all costs. It looks black-and-yellow with a red creeper face on it.

-Egg Ore: Drops eggs. Nothing else to say, is there?

-Melon Ore: Drops glistering melons. Very helpful for potions of healing.

-Spawn egg ores: There are a ton of these. They drop spawn eggs and spawn a mob. There are even ones for unused mobs like Giants and Illusioners. This and citrium are the most common ores you will find.

-Leather Ore: What do you think?

-Uselessium Ore: Really rare, and not worth it. You get an achievement for smelting it though.

-Overworld Quartz: Like nether quartz ore, but in the Overworld.

-Arrow Ore: Drops arrows.

Other Blocks

Lemon Leaves: Grows on Lemon Trees in the Lemon Orchard biome.


Citrium Shard: Drops from Citrium Ore, can be crafted into Citrium Crystal.

Citrium Crystal: Crafted from 4 Citrum shards (shapeless recipe), can be crafted into Citrium Dust, Citrium Armour, and Citrium Sword (There are not Citrium tools, as Citrium is a combat-focused ore. When Ruby is added, it will be a utility-based ore, and will have tools, but not swords).

Citrium Dust: Crafted from 1 Citrium Crystal. Is an ingredient in Citrium Drizzle Cake and Citrium Donut.

Citrium Sword: Crafted in the usual way as with Minecraft, in this case 2 Citrium Crystal and 1 stick.

Citrium Armour: Crafted with the same recipes for each part as with Vanilla Minecraft, but using Citrium Crystals instead of leather, gold, diamond etc.

Lemon: Drops from Lemon Leaves, found in trees in Lemon Orchards.

Lemon Drizzle Cake: Restores 6 hunger points. Crafted like:

Sugar Sugar Sugar
Lemon   Egg Lemon
Wheat Wheat Wheat


Citrium Drizzle Cake: Restores 8 hunger points. Is an upgrade from the Lemon Drizzle Cake. It gives absorption. Crafted Like:

Citrium Dust Citrium Dust Citrium Dust
Citrium Dust Lemon Drizzle Cake Citrium Dust





Citrium Donut: Restores 4 hunger points, and gives absorption. Crafted Like:

Citrium Dust Citrium Dust Citrium Dust
Sugar   Sugar
Wheat Wheat Wheat


Uselessium Ingot: Smelted from Uselessium ore. As the name suggests, this is completely useless. However, you do get an achievement for smelting it.



Lemon Orchard: An uncommon temperate biome with numerous Lemon Trees. This is the only place to get Lemons from.



What was the point, again? : Smelt Uselessium. It is a root from Getting an Upgrade.

Modification files
Ores for Everything [MC 1.12.2] V1.0.0.jar - Ores for Everything V1.0.0448.57 KB

-Released with 55 ores, 1 non-ore block, 9 items, 1 biome, 1 achievement, and a total of 130 mod elements.


-Ruby Ore, a utility-based ore.

-Make some Ores like egg, leather and arrows have to be smelted

-Add Citrium blocks

-Fix ores not spawning at certain depths.

An achievement for smelting uselessium?
Welp guess im gonna be working on finding it :3