Published by SkyKingMC on Wed, 09/16/2020 - 23:39
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A mod full of my own custom ideas and details. A few coming from the game terraria. You can find 22 new ingots and ores, over 40+ new blocks to find, 2 new dimensions, 13 new mobs, 3-4 new structures to find, and 5 new biomes to find in your world! Hopefully this brand new mod will give you a bunch of excitement for your cravings for something new in minecraft! This mod will surely be for you if your looking for a simplistic mod with a twist of new!


For a more in depth detail and viewing of the mod before downloading check out my youtube channel



Modification files

Mod became stable and version 1.0 Release


over 600 mod elements added.


More elements will be added in later versions and patches!

Im going to add a possible patch update today to help out with the possibilty of not knowing certain recipes. Ill also possibly post a video on my youtube channel showing off the entirety of the mod and most of the harder recipes for people to know!
Thank you all, and i hope you enjoy this mod!

yeah, possibly in alittle bit or a few days depending on whats going on in my life i can get on and take a bunch more screenshots. Thanks for liking the mod, the reason theres only 1 image right now was i was in a rush to make it public after i finished the mod.

okay new images are up, i just wish i could do more than 6 because there is so much to this mod. So instead ill be recording a video relating to the mod on my youtube channel in a few hours or days depending on circumstances

nice! I bet your mod will come out great dude! For mine its got 630 mod elements as of right now in its stable 1.0 version. I think i spent 4-5 continuous weeks to finish it. also i saw on your mod that your having possible trouble doing textures for things, if its alright with you i could possibly help with that, ive done some texturing in the past and did a decent amount of textures for my mod