Miner's Dream Mod

Published by Ethany525 on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 11:48
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This is a basic mod I came up with that has some basic mining things. I will add other blocks too and maybe structures for mining. If you have any suggestions or ideas you can email me at: imaproyo525@gmail.com


I would consider myself still a noob at Mcreator so don't expect anything big. I made this mod in 2 days so don't expect anything big.

This mod currently adds:

Tin and Copper ores

Tin and Copper ingots

Steel ingots and pickaxe

A miner helmet

Planned features:

Iridium ore and weapons (Found in meteorites)

Ruby, Sapphire, Jade, Topaz and Amethyst ores with respective polished and regular gemstones


Known bugs:
Ruby, Sapphire, Jade, Topaz and Amethyst ores, gems and polished gem textures still are in the textures folder of the mod.

Mod will not be updated for 1.12.2 anymore! I will be changing to project to be for 1.7.10 (That is if I can...)

Modification files
minersdream-1.11.2.jarUploaded on: 07/30/2018 - 11:48   File size: 56.71 KB

Actually steel is made out of a ratio iron:carbon that must be kept under 200:1. Otherwise it becomes cast iron. Your 8 coal for 1 iron is a little too much, but the idea is good ^^
In my mod you can just get it by smelting regular Iron in a furnace, that's globally the real steel process. Take a look if you want to
Anyways, cool mod!