Arcane Power Ores Mod

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Hi all! This is my first mod.

First of all, sorry for my English, is not my languaje.

I made a mod like an expansion for playing with my friends, I made the textures too and I decided to publicate it.

You need the Netherite pickaxe for obtain the next powerful ores. Almost all of the recipes are the same than the vanilla game (but with some differences like the rods for make swords, the Ice Scythe, Rupphire armors and tools, Star Crystals and Hammers).

News: - V 1.0.3: have some textures corrections.

            - V 1.0.4: added Star Crystal Rod recipe and Draconite Axe Recipe!!! (sorry for this, I'm testing it and again I saw some errors). Added the Silver Sword Recipe and a special recipe (put the silver sword in the crafting squares and you will receive a Silver Ingot).


In the Gems and Ingots image, in order you have:

- Sapphire* (2)

- Ruby* (2)

- Endermyth* (4)

- Draconite (5)

- Draconite Ingot*

- Icarite* (5)

- Vampirite* (5)

- Magnatite* (5)

- Primitive Crystals (6)

- Star Crystal*

- Imperialite* (7)

- Silver Ingot (2)

- Naturite (7)

- Nesterium*


Extra: You can find Ice Flowers in snowy biomes. You can make an Ice Sword or a Ice Scythe (you can repair it with ice blocks). When they hit an entity they will give to it 120 ticks of slowness. Crafting 2 Ice Flowers = Ice Rod.


The gems and ingots that have (*) sign they have their armor set and weapons/tools. The number is the harvest level you need for obtain it.

Ruby and Sapphire have their own fusion, the Rupphire*.


Pickaxes harvest levels:

- Netherite: 4

- Endermyth: 5

- Draconite, Icarite, Vampirite, Magnatite: 6

- Star Crystal: 7


Ore Rods in swords and tools recipes replaces the sticks.

Power Ingots Crafting: [Shapeless Crafting Recipes] (I try it in the first version with the anvil but it doesn't work)

- Gold + Draconite Gem = Draconite Ingot

- Silver Ingot + Naturite Gem = Nesterium


Star Crystal Recipe: Nether star (1) in the middle and surrounded by primitive crystals (8).

Ores don't spawn in all biomes so you need to find it! Rupphire tools recipes they are easy to guess (stick + 2 or 3 gems combined)

Draconite sword and Imperialite sword when hit an entity hive to it fire for 5 seconds.

Ore Blocks have differents harvest levels, be careful, you can destroy it and don't have the block. For example Naturite Block needs a pickaxe with harvest level 6 but Nesterium Block need a pickaxe with harvest 7 (Star Crystal Pickaxe).

Hammers acts like a pickaxe but they have more attack points almost like the sword of their minerals.


I hope you like it guys! Have Fun!



[I don't know if it have bugs, for me works good, so tell me if you find some]

pd: I'm new in this, so if you have some opinions or recomendations, tell me :D

Modification files
Arcane Power Ores by NTB V1.0.3.jar - Had some missing recipes!512.9 KB
Arcane Power Ores Mod by NTB v1.0.4.jar - Nesterium Axe recipe is made with normal STICKS!515.82 KB

Draconite and Nesterium Ingot Recipes are now fixed. (Shapeless crafting now. In the first version I try to do it with the anvil or smithing but it doesn't work).