One Punch Man Mod

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In this mod you can get stronger by killing monsters and by training, there is no limit to how strong you can become!

By getting strong you can unlock new skills that can help you fight monsters 


Use: for mobs healt works correctly


Current Skills: Super Jump, Punch (destruction), serious punch, super dash

(Press Y to switch between punch (destruction, serious punch and close range serious punch)


Current Monsters: thugs, Frog Man, Monster, Crablante, Strong Monster speed-o'-sound sonic, Marugori, Hero Hunter (7 stages)

Current Heroes: Metal Bat, Silver Fang, Fubuki, Genos, Saitama

Current weapons: Katana (can be dropped from sonic or by buying on black market)  Bat (can be dropped from metal bat or by buying in the hero shop)

Current commands: Physical -  Yen -  HeroLevel -  Stamina -  Set_Max_Healt


Physical its your overall strength, the more you have it stronger your punchs will become, you will become more durable and become faster.


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Modification files
One Punch Man The Strongest Hero BetaV2.7.jar - latest versionUploaded on: 12/05/2023 - 05:17   File size: 5.11 MB

-cosmic garou skin bug fix

there are a lot of interesting monsters in this manga. they can show the possibilities of creating animated bosses to the maximum and test different mechanics, but for some reason most continue to make simple mods. why?

V.3 comming in a week or two, in V.3 the mod will basically be complet but i can still add some more stuffs in the future after i release V.3

V.3 Is out, check it out, i did a big change on the overral game and added some cool stuffs, also this will not be the final update because i still need to learn how to use block bench for better design on npcs and also i still have to add monster association and some more stuff