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Whats Up is Amazing Potato Back Here With My newest mod the Shrektasticly Amazing Mod And Some of the things in this mod are inspired from other mod and the movie

so i dont want to spoil the mod for you so if you want to play ore see it download the mod and try it out :)

Thats About all for this mod hoped you enjoy and check out my channel :)

a link to my Channel

if the link dosent work copy and paste it

WARNING Not all recipes work so dont try to craft them sorry this will be fixed :(

and the textures are messed up so sorry it should be fixed

Be Aware Version 2.0.0 is out Yes Its Here Finally :] :]

P.S. the shaders i was using was Sildur's Shaders so if you want to download that you know what to get :)


Images For Spoilers!

Warning Not Updated!

i know 






Update Log

Version 1.0.0

added shrek

added the swamp biome

added base blocks 

added the items

added Anti Ogre Soldier

thats it :)

version 1.5.0

Bug Fixes ;)

version 1.9.0

added Pulse Rifle

added Pulse Ammo

bug Fixes ;)

Version 2.0.0

added friendly soldier 

added Prince Charming

added Fariy Godmother

added M4A1

added M4 ammo

added Charming Set

added Plasma Sword

added Doritos

Added MTN Dew

added Far Far Away Grass

added Far Far Away Stone

added Far Far Away Ore

added Far Far Away Biome

Some Bug Fixes

and new ones introduced


blocks :)

blocks :)

swampy grass

base wall 

base wall 2

base glass

Ogre Ore :)

Far Far Away Grass Far Far Away Stone Far Far Away Ore 

images are above


Items :)

Items :)


iron blades 

pulse rifle 

pulse ammo

shrektastic cannon

cannon balls

 Plasma Sword Anti Ogre Rifle M4A1 Carbine and the charming sword charming bow 

Ogre Gem currently useless :(

images are above




ogre set 

much better than diamond

Charming Set even better than ogre set

 images are above


Mobs ;)

Mobs ;)


Very powerfull and has a lot of HP

|bug Dosent Attack|

Anti Ogre soldier

somewhat powerfull and attacks Shrek

{Bug Dosent Fight}

Fairy Godmother

loads of hp

{Bug Dosent Fight}

Prince Charming

even more powerful

{Bug Dosent Fight}

or die

friendly soldier

images are above




MTN Dew Doritos

also if you have seen my videos and enjoy them and want dan in your world heres how to get him for 1.7.10 the AVP mod the link for this is here

btw that mod id amazing but it is for 1.7.10 so it dosent work with this mod sorry but it is not my mod so im not updateing it.


and 1.8 and newer i will add that. also All Credits for textures models AI, are the AVP mod Nevermine and Mcreator for being able to make it :)

And Finally i hope this mod is good and please check out my channel and the mod and if you have problems with the mod or want something added please tell me in the comments section

plus When Minecraft 1.11 forge mods and MCreator update this mod will be coming to 1.11 the hype is on :) :) :)

Thank You :}



Modification files - Its Not Ogre Yet its never ogre Uploaded on: 10/27/2016 - 23:45   File size: 233.48 KB

Hi Thanks For checking out my mod
and if you liked comment what you thought about it :)
And if you disliked it

remember this mod is open for discussion so if you find problems other than textures yes i know
they are messed up :( but if you think their is something that should be added please let me kno
help is needed :)