The Undead Slayer's Mod

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this is a Zombie Apocalypse type mod! I wanted to make my own Z mod because i wanted to make a Zombie Apocalypse roleplay!

So i needed mods! I wanted to have all the items in the roleplay withour bombing my teams and my own computer with 24 different mods needed and other useless items and blocks!


This is just a Pre-Release however i plan to release the FULL MOD probably somewhere at 2021-05-15!


This mod has a couple of blocks like a Crate, Backpack, Syringes etc!

It also has 4 new mobs! There will be some bugs in the first pre release and hopefully i can fix them!


Also the syringes i want to make the Disease syringe spawn a zombie and kill the player once infected with the syringe! but I don't know how to do that yet!

MCreator JUST released their 2021 version!


The 2nd Pre-Release should add in:


2 New Guns!

3 or 2 New Gun Ammo!

5 New Blocks!

A couple Of Decorations!

1 New Mob!

Fixed Syringe Mechanic!

New Ore And Block!


And Thats it! Thank You For downloading the mod or atleast seeing this mod! Thank You And Enjoy!


You can Visit My Channel On YT at SuperDarkoCirkus

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