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What a lovely day to mine! There is no way zombies can overcome me... or is there? One day, unknown mobs has invaded planet Earthcraft! There's no hope, but to run and hide! Then... you see 3 colored plants: red, blue, and yellow. You are curious to see, and started to mine them... and PLUCK! There stands the light of hope to fight against the deadly unknown mobs! Use these little guys to help you through survival, and evolve them to become stronger!

Hello! This mod is about a game called Pikmin! There are currently only 4 mobs, 4 types of Pikmins, and many other things to explore(other mobs, pikmins, blocks, and craziness will be added)! Here are the details!


Bulborb: Aggressive against players and pikmins. This Spotty Red Bulborb does minimal damage to players, but high against fellow pikmins!

Burrowing Snagret: This snake/bird like creature loves to stay in one place, but beware of this creatures damage! It can be even lethal to those who don't have armor on them, or not even prepared!

Watery/Fiery BlowHog: These 2 lovely blowhogs love to shoot their own type of element to both pikmin and players.

Captain Olimar: The leader who has unfortunately crashed on planet Earthcraft(Earth) with his S.S. Dolphin, destroyed. This guy shoots Red Pikmins at evil mobs, but beware, if you hit him, he'll try to kill you!

Red Pikmin: This pikmin is immune to fire! Which includes lava too. However, like some of the pikmins, they cannot swim, or they'll drown. So be careful of which pikmin to bring!

Ouch! Hot, HOT!

Blue Pikmin: Unlike the other pikmins, this special pikmin can swim! But at the same time, when being thrown at an enemy, there's no special effect to it T.T

Gurgle gurgle...

Yellow Pikmin: This pikmin can be thrown at high heights, unlike other pikmins! Watch out for trees though, and the Burrowing Snagret!

Electricity! Yeouch!

Purple Pikmin: This chubby strong creature can be thrown as a lethal weapon to other players and mobs! But beware; this little dude is slow, and cannot be thrown to high!

Oof! To heavy!

Pellet Flowers: These will have a bigger 3D model later. Get pellet drops (different color depending on their colors) to spawn pikmins from onions!


Onions: These blocks plant pikmin plants, but... they need pellets to do this.

Candypop Bud(purple): Sacrifice any pikmin (besides purple, it doesnt work) to get a purple pikmin plant. However, if you risk to sacrifice a bud or flower pikmin, it will still be a leaf purple pikmin.

Pikmin Plants: right-click or destroy block to get a pikmin, depends on what color the pikmin is, and it's plant.

Pellets: There are 3 colors of the pellets, and are only dropped by flower pellets(depends on their color).

Nectar: Use this to evolve your Pikmin! right-click your Pikmin, and right-click the nectar while holding the pikmin.

Candypop Bud Crop: This is how you get the Candypop Bud.


Pikmin throwing item: Use this to throw the pikmin(s). Obtain this by right-clicking a pikmin.

Whistle: Use this to make a pikmin army, and they will follow you(works, but doesn't work at the same time).

Candypop Bud Seedling: Plant this on a crop block to plant the Candypop Bud Crop!

Candypop Bud Seed: Right-click on a block to get a Candypop Bud.

Pellets: Come in different colors; used on onions to get(depending on the color of the onions) pikmins.


!NOTICE! : I will keep updating this mod on my free time, and please excuse my (maybe) horrible language of English.

Things to do:

*add more pikmins

*add captain cmd

*add more mobs/bosses

*add the S.S. Dolphin

*add space armor (like Olimar's spacesuit)


*add more craziness and more!

Hope this mod is good, and meets your expectations!

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There May have some glitches and more, so tell me them.

DiamondIce, if it doesn't bother you, I think you could add to this mod, as an extra, not only the normal pikmin from the game, but also your own special pikmin and mobs you think could appear and that could be useful or should be added to the game (:

As for bugs and such you could try to fix the naming glitch and make the mod a bit less laggy
(cuz it is, even on my computer whom is OP)

How about adding in it the caves from pikmin 2? You could make them work like this : they would randomly appear as custom moddeled blocks on the ground and when you right-click them, it would ask you to enter the cave or not and show you it's hazards in the GUI. Clicking yes would send you to an empty dimension and generate a structure around you. Defeating a high level one would give you access to a *challenge* type of cave you could enter if you press a certain key.