Dragon Craft Z

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This mod adds things from the Dragon Ball anime like Ki, Structures, Weapons, and a Level Up system. As of now it has Kaioken (x2 and x5, unlocked at Level 5), Overcharge (Gives 10 more max ki, unlocked at level 2), Super Saiyan (unlocked at level 10),ki blade, ki blast and flight (all unlocked at Level 1), and the kamehameha (unocked at level 2) The leveling system uses normal minecraft XP (each level adds 1 level from the mod), if you die or use your levels for enchanting, it does not remove your mod levels. currently the max level is now 10.

Modification files
Dragon Craft Z 1.0.jar - V1.0.0Uploaded on: 08/11/2022 - 00:39   File size: 193.46 KB

Added 5 more levels

added Super Saiyan

Added Kamehameha

Added Super Kamehameha

Organized Skill GUI