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Note: I Have Discontinued This Mod For The Simple Reason That My Computer Sucks, However, I Am Working On An Improved Version That Hopefully Doesn't Crash When I Try To Test It, Thank You For Understanding And All The Support.

Hello Everybody! I have made a Mod themed around the hit Battle Royale Shooter: Fortnite! I know a lot of Minecraft players hate Fortnite, but I want to stop this stupid argument between these 2 games about which is better. (Spoiler alert: They're Equally Good) This mod includes:

-12 Unique Weapons
-1 Mythic Weapon
-2 Exotic Weapons
-2 New Blocks
-A New Crafting Station
-4 Custom Structures
-6 Different NPCs with Custom Loot Pools
-A Crazy amount of advancements 
-1 New Biome
-1 New Liquid
-2 Attachments
-1 New Crafting Material
-2 Enchantments
-3 Wraps 
-And More To Come!


Open For Suggestions! 200+ Mod Elements and Counting!


Patch Notes


  • Added 3D Models To Most Classic Weapons, Makeshift Weapons, And Wrapped Weapons. Still Making Bolt Action, P90, Tac Shotgun, Recycler, And Skye's AR.



Coming Soon:

  • The Crafting Manual 
  • More NPCs
  • Primal Weapons
  • The Real Sound Effects For The Recycler, The Makeshift Weapons, And The Upcoming Primal Weapons


Bug Fixes:
Fixed A Bug Where You Could Get Infinite V-Bucks From Selling

NPC Skins Were Stolen From:
Jonesy - MrFnafMaker
Tinseltoes - kobraOMG
Sagan - Original Skin
Hybrid - I Truly Don't Know
Peely - Original Skin
Skye - NicoPinots

NPC #7 (TBR) - Original Skin


Modification files
Fortcraft 1.15.2. (Beta) 0.2.0.jarUploaded on: 05/05/2021 - 20:33   File size: 4.83 MB
Fortcraft 0.2.1:1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 05/18/2021 - 20:53   File size: 4.86 MB

I Used An Ipad, My Computer couldn't take pictures because how my computer takes screenshots is that it makes me use the mouse to select the part of the screen I can capture, but Minecraft Uses the mouse to look around. So yes, I used a mobile device, no, I didn't want to.

I am Open For Suggestions! If you want to: Send me Ideas, weapons, or possible nerfs, buffs, or bug reports! Remember, this mod is in BETA! So expect a lot of changes!