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Hello Everybody! I have made a Mod themed around the hit Battle Royale Shooter: Fortnite! I know a lot of Minecraft players hate Fortnite, but I want to stop this stupid argument between these 2 games about which is better. (Spoiler alert: They're Equally Good) This mod includes:

-11 Unique Weapons
-2 Exotic Weapons
-2 New Blocks
-A New Crafting Station
-3 Custom Structures
-5 Different NPCs with Custom Loot Pools
-A Crazy amount of advancements 
-1 New Biome
-1 New Liquid
-2 Attachments
-1 New Crafting Material
-2 Enchantments
-3 Wraps 
-And More To Come!


Open For Suggestions! 170+ Mod Elements and Counting!

Thanks For 45 Downloads!

Patch Notes


  • Officially Added Tactical Shotgun and ALL Wrapped Variants To Survival And Hardcore.
  • Added Fire - Rate Accelerator (Used In Fortcrafting Bench With Pump Shotgun To Craft Tactical Shotgun.)
  • Added A Crafting Recipe For Mechanical Parts
  • Coming Soon: Crafting Guide!

Bug Fixes:
None In This Update, However, We Acknoledged a Bug Involving Selling Items To NPCs. We Will Be Fixing This Bug In 0.2.0.

In the next update, we will be removing the ability to install any of the older versions of this mod
(0.1.0 - 0.1.2)

Pardon My Dust, The Old Version Of 0.1.2 was Glitched, the fixed version is available below!

NPC Skins Were Stolen From:
Jonesy - MrFnafMaker
Tinseltoes - kobraOMG
Sagan - Original Skin
Hybrid - I Truly Don't Know
Peely - Original Skin


Modification files
Fortcraft Beta (0.10) Testing.jar - This Is In BETA! That means not all elements in this mod are finished!4.13 MB
Fortcraft Beta (0.1.1) Testing.jar - This Is In BETA! That means not all elements in this mod are finished!4.44 MB
REAL Fortcraft Beta (0.1.2) Testing .jar - The Real Version Of 0.1.2 (Other One Was Glitched and didn't have any new features)3.74 MB

I am Open For Suggestions! If you want to: Send me Ideas, weapons, or possible nerfs, buffs, or bug reports! Remember, this mod is in BETA! So expect a lot of changes!

I Used An Ipad, My Computer couldn't take pictures because how my computer takes screenshots is that it makes me use the mouse to select the part of the screen I can capture, but Minecraft Uses the mouse to look around. So yes, I used a mobile device, no, I didn't want to.