A Craftin' Time

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This video showcases the mod and covers recipes! Have a look!

Sorry for the slow progress and silence from me, I have been working on mods for the real A Hat in Time and have also been sort of busy, a new mod may come.

Are you a fan of A Hat in Time?

I know I am :)

Well then, here's my best mod as of this day, A Craftin' Time!

This mod adds a bunch of new A Hat in Time themed items and characters to your world!

Kid's Hat Spawns a 4-hit use Umbrella. Can be spawned infinite times.
Sprint Hat Run super fast! Well, as long as the Right Mouse Button is held down.
Brewing Hat Throw an explosive concoction!
Ice Hat You will be invulnerable to enemy attacks for three seconds, be careful though, there is a 20 second cooldown and attacks are useless!
Dweller Mask Makes every nearby mob visible, even if they're underground.
Time Stop Hat Slow down other mobs while staying about the exact same speed.
Nyakuza Mask

Spawns a 2-hit use Baseball Bat. Can be spawned infinite times.

Scooter Badge Right click to spawn a scooter! To get it back, destroy the scooter. It's kinda small though, probably meant for kids.
Projectile Badge Pin it to an Umbrella and use it like a bow!
Hookshot Badge Pin it to an Umbrella and use it like a grappling hook! 15 second cooldown.
One-Hit Hero Badge Why would you even want this? Challenges? Okay, I won't judge.


Snatcher Found in his cozy tree, chat with him a few times and he will give you a "gift". How kind!
Conductor (Boss) Yer better watch out if ye been wanderin' the deserts! The Conductor will charge at you with his knife, but when hit he will drop TNT, create fake Conductors, or throw a dart.
Queen Vanessa (Boss) Best dealt with at a distance, don't get caught! She is really quick and will get some buffs when angered! She will appear in cold places and the roofed forest.


To find recipes, like with my other mods, please use JEI (Just Enough Items). If you don't have it, find it on CurseForge!

I also have listed recipes in the video linked at the top of the description!


Basically every skin by Chabilulu on Planet Minecraft

Voice clips provided by Kaeruas on Reddit

Music by Pascal Michael Stiefel

A Hat in Time is owned by Gears for Breakfast

Modification files
A_Craftin_Time(Version2).jar - Queen Vanessa and Badges!Uploaded on: 03/22/2020 - 19:47   File size: 6.24 MB
A_Craftin_Time(Version1).jar - Put the indie platformer right into your world!Uploaded on: 02/23/2020 - 23:49   File size: 5.2 MB

V1 - Ooh! A new mod that isn't just a test!

V2 (Badge Update) - 4 new badges, a certain Queen, advancements, and a sick scooter model. It's my first model that actually worked and I'm really proud of it.

If you see this, I need some serious help! Please visit this Forum topic so I can continue the mod: https://mcreator.net/forum/58619/invalid-dimension