Hostile Heaven

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Hello my friends, my name is Witheragon, and today, I will introduce the "Hostile Heaven" mod!

I hope you're listening, 'cause Minecraft will dig much deeper1

Don't judge me too harshly, because this is my first mod ;).


+River Of Realities

+Heaven Block

+Heaven Dimension


+Axe Of Hunters

+Angel Shooter



This mod is based on weeping angels episode in Dr. Who,  I just got inspiration from there.



Thank you!!!

Modification files
heavenmod.png_.zipUploaded on: 12/25/2016 - 03:44   File size: 59.73 KB

Hello guys! I hope you enjoy my first mod! Be free to make tutorials as long as you give me credit.

Hello guys!

I just wanted to add that you are free to make showcases!
Thanks, again!

Hello, fellow players!

I've noticed that a few of you downloaded this mod.

Thanks for your support!

Hello, guys!
I have submitted my mod for mod of the week yesterday so wish me luck!
Also, if some YouTuber showcased my mod it would be a dream come true, just saying :)!!!