Haunted Woods

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Haunted Woods



You're trapped in a vast forest together with an entity, whose threat it possesses against you means that you'll need to escape as fast as you can in order to survive. You will have to navigate through the woods, finding and collecting 8 pages scattered over the area, all while avoiding looking at the creature that accompanies you. If you succeed, you'll need to quickly escape through an open gate located at some point at the barrier that surrounds you in order to win. But be careful: the more pages you collect, the more aggressive the creature becomes. Will you make it out unscathed?

About this mod

Haunted Woods is a fun project/gamemode I've working on for a while that is based on the game & character Slenderman. It follows many of the same tropes as the original Slender: The 8 Pages, containing things such as a creepy ambience, unsettling visuals, loud noises and an unknown threat that is trying to stop you from completing your task. Flashing images may also occur during gameplay. 

Once you've loaded up a world, you may press the "R" key to start the mod gamemode. You will be able to procedurally generate a map at the world spawn position, surrounded by a barrier with pages spread out. It is also possible to build your own maps and procedurally generate pages, or alternatively place the pages yourself. 

For the procedural generation to work properly, the terrain has to be relatively flat and contain plenty of walls for the pages to hang on, such as for example tree stems. 

Once all pages are collected, the players will be notified of an escape exit at one side of the barrier. If the remaining players escape, the game is won! However, if all players are killed, the game is lost. Once a player dies, they will be put in spectator mode.


This mod is designed for multiplayer, although it hasn't been a possibility of mine to actually test its multiplayer/server functionality.

Tools & Tips

The Haunted Woods mod comes with various tools at your disposal. There are for example many commands you can use.

List of commands:

(gamerule) NumberOfPages - sets the number of pages the players are required to collect (default is 8).

(gamerule) MapSize - sets the size of the map in blocks, i.e. the length of each side of the map (default is 100).

(gamerule) FenceHeight - sets the height of the fence surrounding the map.

(gamerule) DisableBlindness - governs whether the blindness effect applied to players is disabled (default is false).  

(command) stopgame - stops the currently running gamemode.

(gamerule) GeneratePages - governs whether pages are generated upon game start. If you wish to place the pages yourself, set it to false. This gamerule is true by default.

(gamerule) GenerateFence - governs whether the fence surrounding the map is generated upon game start (default is true). 

(gamerule) IsEscapeRequired - governs whether escaping through the barrier is required to win. If you wish to build your own maps, it's recommended to set this gamerule to false. If gamerule GenerateFence is set to false, this gamerule becomes redundant.

Mod Limitations

Despite that I've attempted to make this mod as dynamic as possible to allow for various personal moderations, it does come with some limitations.

- You may not attempt to generate the modded area in snow biomes. Because of the fact that snow layers count as solid blocks, the procedural generation may not work properly.

- If you build more advanced maps for this mod, it's recommended to place pages yourself. The procedural page generation isn't sophisticated enough to account for specific circumstances such as buildings with multiple floors. Additionally, you may also set gamerules GenerateFence and IsEscapeRequired to false. 

- Try to keep the MapSize value below 200 for performance reasons among other factors.

- The higher the value NumberOfPages is set, the bigger the map might need to be!


A few of the sound clips in the mod are taken from the original Slender: The 8 Pages.

Developer's note:

This is the first minecraft mod I've fully completed with MCreator, albeit fairly small, it's a project that has been on going for quite a while now! The trickiest part was to calculate whether Slenderman is in view or not, as well as his AI behaviour. I'm hoping that the multiplayer functionality works despite the fact that I haven't been able to test it.  

Thanks for playing my mod! I hope you get spooked and have a lot of fun!



Modification files
Haunted Woods version 1.0.1.jar - Haunted Woods version 1.0.1Uploaded on: 08/18/2022 - 13:48   File size: 5.73 MB

Version 1.0.1: Minor improvements & bug fixes