Star Craft [Closed]

Published by p0usen on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 12:42
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                                    Star Craft [1.12.2] [Alpha 7] - CLOSED

If u want to be a jedi, or a sith, just download this mod. Mod has in itself lightsabers of different colors, blue, red, green, and others. The mod will be constantly updated. At the moment he is in the testing phase. In the future, new types and colors will be added, clothing and mobs, portals and worlds. I await your comments and advice!

Mod adds to the game:

 • Lightsabers! [8 Different Colors] [2 Types]

 • Blasters [4] [DC-15A, DC-15S, DL-44, DLT-19]

 • Armor [6] [Jedi, Sith, Clone, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader's, Boba Fett's]

 • Ores [8]

 • Mobs [6] [Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Clone, Stormtrooper, Jedi, Sith]

In the future, there will be added worlds, new types of lightsabers, mobs and other things from the Star Wars universe!

Recipe for a lightsaber:

Lightsaber Recipe

Other Recipes:

Other Recipes

Armor Recipes:

Armor Recipes

Latest Update Changes:

 • Added Blasters

 • Added Ammo

 • Added Armor

 • Added Mobs: Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Clone, Stormtrooper, Jedi, Sith

Check Changelog for more information!


Hello everybody! The mod is closed, since I lost the file, I will work on a new mod, and this one will remain at the Alpha stage.

Modification files

Alpha 1:

-added tools: Red Lightsaber; Blue Lightsaber; Purple Lightsaber; Green Lightsaber; Black Lightsaber; White Lightsaber

-added dimension: Tatooine

-added items: Tatooine Key

Alpha 2:

-added blocks: Red Crystal Ore; Blue Crystal Ore; Purple Crystal Ore; Green Crystal Ore; Black Crystal Ore; White Crystal Ore

-added items: Red Crystal; Blue Crystal; Purple Crystal; Green Crystal; Black Crystal; White Crystal; Lightsaber Hilt; Ring; Field Cyclic Activator

Alpha 3:

-added armor: Darth Vader's Armor; Clone Armor; Stormtrooper Armor; Jedi Robe; Sith Robe.

-removed dimension: Tatooine

-removed items: Tatooine Key

-added localization: ru_ru

Alpha 4:

-added tools: Red Crossguard Lightsaber; Blue Crossguard Lightsaber; Purple Crossguard Lightsaber; Green Crossguard Lightsaber; Black Crossguard Lightsaber; White Crossguard Lightsaber; Yellow Crossguard Lightsaber; Pink Crossguard Lightsaber

-added blocks: Yellow Crystal Ore; Pink Crystal Ore

-added tools: Yellow Lightsaber; Pink Lightsaber

-added items: Yellow Crystal; Pink Crystal

-changed the name of the 'Black Lightsaber' to the 'Dark Lightsaber'

Alpha 5:

-added guns: DLT-19; DC-15A; DC-15S; DL-44

-added items: Blue Republic Ammo; Red Imperial Ammo; Orange Imperial Ammo; Blue Republic Bullet; Red Imperial Bullet; Orange Imperial Bullet; Green Iron Ingot; Black Iron Ingot; White Iron Ingot

-added armor: Boba Fett's Armor

-added creative tab: Star Craft

Alpha 6:

-added recipe for: Jedi Robe; Sith Robe; Clone Armor; Stormtrooper Armor

-added items: Symbol of the Sith Empire; Glyph of the Jedi Order

-removed items: Green Iron Ingot; Black Iron Ingot; White Iron Ingot

Alpha 7:

-added mobs: Darth Vader; Boba Fett; Clone; Stormtrooper; Jedi; Sith