Save The World Monsters

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Save The World Monsters is a mod that adds guns, mobs, classes and more from the mode Save the World from Fortnte.


When joinig a world for the first time, you will be prompt to choose a class. Each class has its own reusable abilities and perks. Perks are unlocked at certain xp level. At the moment, not all perks are implemented.There are 4 classes:


Excellent class at obtaining resources, lacks combat perks.


Phase shift. Travels 4 blocks instant. Max 3 charges at one time.

Teddy: Deploy Teddy, a turret wich will target hostile mobs.


Unlock level Perk Description
0 Work, work Gain Efficiency I on your unenchanted pickaxe if you break something 
5 Where we going we need roads Gain an speed increment while standing on rock type blocks.
7 Phase foward Increments the travel distance of phase shift.
10 In the zone Increments by 1 the Efficiency gained by Work, work
15 Loot find Increments Luck by 1.
17 Outlander Outside zone Killing 3 enemies in 15 seconds grant 1 phase shift charge.
20 Phased out Reduces phase shift cooldown.
25 Phase runner Phase Shift bonus speed last longer and the travel distance is incremeted.
30 Deep in the zone
Increments by another 1 the Efficiency gained by Work, work


Slow and tanky.


ROSIE: deploy a rideable turret wich shoot arrows. Has 150 ammo.

Shield:Gain a free shield. 3 minutes cooldown.


Unlock level Perk Description
0 Slow but tanky Max health incremented. Reduced movement speed.
0 Damage Resistance Increments Damage Resistance


Good for movement and melee combat.


Smoke Bomb: Damage any hostile mob in a 2.5x2.5x2.5 radius.


Unlock level Perk Description
0 Shinobi Jump height incremented. Gain Slow falling
0 Assasin Increments melee damage.


Good for general damage and gun combat: at the moment it has no abilities and no perks. 



-Xenon Bow

Sniper Rifles


  • Its shots snares enemies.

-The Cleaner

  • Single round sniper with very high damage.


  • High damage multi-round sniper rifle.

-Vindertech Jolter

-Neon Sniper rifle

  • Its scope can detect enemies behid walls.


  • Automatic sniper rifle.

-Common deadeye

-Uncommon deadeye.

-Rare deadeye.


-Storm Scout sniper from Battle royale.



-The Browbeater

Assault Rifles

-Assault Rifle (Handmade)

-Assault Rifle (Common)


  • Scoped assault rifle with night vision.

-Storm King'd Scorge

  • Avaiable in creative mode, will be avaible by beating a special boss.
  • Perk:Every 5th hit on entity causes an explosion.

-Silenced Specter



  • Perk: Hitting an enemy applies a charge. After eloading, detonaates all charges in a 1 6 block radius.


-Storm King's Wrath

-Rocket Launcher

-The potshot


-Storm King's onslaught

-The Cyclops


-Wall Dynamo

-Ceiling Eletric field

-Floor pikes


All the items from save the world (nuts and bolts, carved twine ecc.) are here and they are used for crafting guns an traps.


This mod also adds all of the husks from the game, both mist monsters and normal.

  • Basic Husks
  • Husky Husks
  • Riot Husk
  • Smasher
  • Blaster

Fire and Water variations of Basic Husks,Husky Husk and Riot Husks can spawn in the Nether and in snowy biomes.

Modification files
stwmonsters_1.17.1_0.0.7.1.jarUploaded on: 01/09/2022 - 20:50   File size: 5.9 MB


  • Added The Potshot.


  • Added reload system to the following guns: The cyclops,hacksaw
  • Added rocket laucher


  • Updated to 1.17.1


  • Added Recipes for deadeye.
  • Added The Recycle Table, a block that let's you recycle common, uncommon, rare guns.
  • Added the scoped revolver The Cyclops.


  • Added Rare Assault Rifle.
  • Added Common, Uncommon, Rare deadeye.


  • Updated gun shooting animation.
  • Added Uncommon Assault Rifle.


  • Fixed mob chasing speed.


  • Added a new underground structure, the dungeon where you can find materials and weapon supercharger
  • Fixed a bug of some guns not shooting
  • Added Handmade assault rifle


  • Added recipes for the guns
  • Added 2 enchantments fo the guns, Fire element and Water.


  • Added Nocturno
  • Added Deathwing
  • Increased Explosion power of  Scourge from1 to 3


Initial relase