Mr Incredible Uncanny/Canny/etc Mod For Forge(v2)

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Your Mod Is: Uncanny

This mod brings to life the (Now admittedly dead) Mr Incredible meme and its many formats!

(Also check out the inspiration for this mod by MrSPiRFor1_Official)


The mod contains craftable blocks centering the following formats:

  • Mr Incredible Becoming Uncanny
  • Mr Incredible Becoming Canny
  • Mr Incredible Becoming Uncanny (Extended)
  • Mr Incredible Becoming Old

As shown in the images above, the regular Mr Incredible, realistic Mr Incredible, and the baby Mr Incredible dubbed as "The Thumb" can be crafted with a wood plank and Raw Porkchop/Rotten Flesh/Bonemeal. Using the materials of Cannite, Uncannite, and Lunch along with its corresponing block (Regular/Realistic/Thumb)   can craft the many phases of the meme! The crafting is shapeless so you can arrange the Cannite/Uncannite/Lunch in any order you want, just assure you use the right amount (1 Material makes Phase 3, 5 Material makes phase 7, etc). 

To Make Phase 10 of Old, Phase 11 of Canny, and all the extended format blocks you will need a substance known as "Incredible Gas" and combine it with a phase block. (Phase 9 for old phase 10, phase 10 for canny phase 11, Uncanny Phase 4 for Extended Phase 12, Uncanny Phase 9 For Extended Phase 12, etc)

The blocks in this mod play the meme audio when hooked up to buttons, levers, and other redstone elements to make a more engaging experience. Make your own memes, and build your own absurd structures!


Cannite, Uncannite, Lunch, and Incredible Gas can be obtained from the various mobs in the game!

  • Canny Mr Incredible wanders around the world and can be killed for cannite 
  • Uncanny Mr Incredible is slightly less common and wanders across the world and drops uncannite
  • The Thumb is also slightly less common and drops a singular Lunch
  • Gassy Incredible (do not look him up, society is horrible) is a boss mob that can drop incredible gas.
  • Mr Dweller is based on the scourge of the uncanny meme community, and drops a random mr incredible block when you kill him.
  • The Tractor is an insanley fast boss mob that has wrecked multiple of the incredibles super gaming houses. They drop an absolutley fire music disc upon being killed.


There are 2 different types of stuctures:

  • The Super Gaming House is presumably the place where Canny Mr Incredible inhabits. It can be raided for blocks.
  • The Ruined Gaming House is a less common gaming house that has been demolished by The Tractor.

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Modification files
Mr Incredible Meme Mod For Forge (1.19.2).jar - The Previous Version of The Mod!Uploaded on: 06/03/2023 - 08:57   File size: 6.58 MB
Mr Incredible Meme Mod For Forge v2 (1.19.2).jar - The Mod with some patches!Uploaded on: 06/07/2023 - 09:21   File size: 6.58 MB

v2 Changelog:


- Gassy's name has been changed to prevent some awkward google searches.

- The Thumb Now Has a loot table for his lunch!