The Walking Dead MOD

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This is a mod based on the AMC's tv series The Walking Dead!

This mod implements some items and blocks which can help you surviving! There are some The Walking Dead's weapons like Daryl Dixon crossbow, Rick Grimes red machete and Negan's bat  Lucille!

    • Daryl Dixon's crossbow!
    • Bat!
    • Negan's bat: Lucille!
    • Rick Grime's Colt!
    • Riot Armor!
  • ITEMS:
    • Barricade's Plank (a woodden plank for a woodden barricade)!
    • Crossbow part 1, 2, 3 (parts of Daryl's crossbow)!
    • Hardned string (like string but more hard)!
    • Gun part 1, 2, 3 (parts of Rick's Colt Python .357 Magnum)!
    • Carbon ingot (a new material made by iron and coal)!
    • Metal thorm (with the metallic wire they are used to create the barbed wire)!
    • Metallic wire (with the metal thorm they are used to create the barbed wire)!
    • Barbed wire (OUCH!)
    • (Red) Handle (handles for MACHETES!)!
    • Guts (Bleah! Zombie's guts)!
    • ​Barricade (for windows or holes)!
    • Metallic grid (it defends you from mobs)!
    • Wall of thorns (a block that inflicts a lot of damage to mobs)!
    • Barbed wire block (a block inflicts little damage to mobs)!
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