The Forgotten Update

Published by AlanBur on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 02:21
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The Forgotten Mod is a modification for minecraft that brings things removed from the game, and things that nedded to be added.


Hi there! so this is the first mod i have made with this program. Hope you like it :)


if you have found a Bug/Glitch and you want to report it, just send me a md to my instagram @Dead_Pxlz. And if you want to know more about updates just follow me! i post stories about the mod almost everyday.

if you want to make a review of my mod feel free to do it and send me a link to your video. i would like to see it, thank you.

Known Bugs that i dont know how to fix, Please help me unu:

  • Slabs cant go up each other
  • i dont know how to make the Crying Obsidian to work

Im gonna be working on the biomes for the next update.

Project members
Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version

vPre alpha (Test)



-Creppers: Swamp,Sand,Ice,Mushroom

-Witch: Witch CowMan

-Skeleton: Skeleton SheepMan

-Villager: Asian Villager, Asian Villager (Female)


-Cherry Blossom

New Wood

-Almendro,Almendro stair,Almendro Plank


-Mojang - Calm4 (Disc)



-Bow: Diamond,Gold,Iron,Nether

-Deleted Crafts (Horse Armor, Etc)




-Ruby ore

-Table: Every Wood Table

-Almendro Leaves

-Crying Obsidian


-Green Apple

v0.5 Alpha


-New Armor (Lead Armor,Emerald Armor)

-New Ore (Galena)


-Ruby Shovel

-Emerald Tools

-Lead Tools

-Katana Fix

-Shuriken Fix

-Fried Egg


-Stick (that appears on the ground)

-Spawneable Hidden Mobs: (Rainbow Sheep, Giant Zombie, Giant Slime)

-Creative tab UI Updated

-Removed Portal to heaven,Heaven pass, and cloud. (i wont work with portals yet)





This mod is one owf the best mods, the only thing I don't like is the texture of the emerald armor. It seems alot like the armor texture I used in my mod Swervercraft =D